These are the adult Sunday School lessons taught in the audtiorium in the church.  Generally, we teach one book of the Bible at a time.  So, the lessons go verse-by-verse through the book we are studying and each passage is outlined as an expository message.  That way you get the spiritual truths of the passage as well as the doctrinal applications with cross-references to help you understand the lesson.  Most of these lessons are in text and audio.  You can download the audio to your computer by right clicking the audio link at the top of each lesson and clicking on “save link as.”  You can also listen to the lesson online by simply clicking on the audio link.  The messages load and play very easily in Windows Media Player.  A small dialogue box opens in Windows Media which allows you to listen and follow the outline at the same time.

Sunday School Lessons by Book of the Bible

Old Testament
New Testament
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy
1 Peter
2 Peter
Christian Growth

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