Why Did Mary Have To Be A Virgin? Matthew 1:18-23

Why Did Mary Have To Be A Virgin? Matthew 1:18-23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Why Did Mary Have To Be A Virgin

Matthew 1:18-23

In the passage for this study we see that Joseph is informed by the Angel of the Lord that Mary is with child of the Holy Ghost. So Joseph does as the angel of the Lord tells him to and takes Mary to be his wife, but he has no physical relationship with her until after Jesus is born.

The virgin birth is an extremely important doctrine for saved people today. But unfortunately it has been twisted and perverted to the point where the virgin is worshipped more than the son or it is not believed at all. So in this lesson we are going to look at why the virgin birth is so important.

Why did Mary have to be a virgin?

1)  Prophesy (Isaiah 4:14)

  • It had been prophesied in the book of Isaiah that a virgin would conceive and bring forth a child. This is also said to be a sign for Israel.
  • Now the Pharisees should have known this because they studied and knew the Old Testament scriptures very well. But they rejected this because they did not what Jesus to be God with them ( Immanuel means God with us Matthew 1:23)
  • The Pharisees accused Jesus of being born of fornication (John 8:41).

2)  Mystery (1 Timothy 3:16)

  • The mystery of Godliness is that God was manifest in the flesh. This is what the Angel is describing for Mary when she asked how could she have a child with the fact that she was a virgin (Luke 1:31-35).
  • In Genesis 3:15 we see a prophesy that there would be a special birth and the one that was born would bruise Satan’s head. The reason that this verse prophesies of a special birth is because it says that God would put enmity between the seed of satan and the seed of the woman. The woman has no seed. In reproduction the seed comes from the male. This shows us the virgin birth.
  • Satan twisted this concept and made the virgin more important than the seed in the catholic teaching so he could take emphasis off of the seed. In catholic statues and paintings they have Mary standing on a snake or the head of a serpent. The verse did not say that Mary would bruise the serpents heel but that the seed would.

3)  Salvation (Isaiah 53:1-10)

  • This passage speaks prophetically about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Note in verse it speaks of Jesus as the seed of God. This was accomplished through the virgin birth.
  • In Hebrews 9:11-15 we see that Jesus by his blood entered into the holy place to obtain eternal redemption for us. The reason that his blood was capable of getting him there is because he was sinless and the perfect sacrifice. In Acts 20:28 we see that is was God’s blood that Jesus had.
  • Therefore without the virgin birth we could not have Salvation.

Not only was Mary being a virgin fulfilling prophesy but it is the process by which God was manifest in the flesh. This makes Jesus Christ the seed of God and allows him to be the perfect sacrifice needed to take away our sins. If Mary was not a virgin then Jesus would be no different than anyone else who had ever been born.