Be an Help Meet for Him

Be an Help Meet for Him Gen. 2: 18-22 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Be an Help Meet for Him


God created the woman to be an “help meet for him”. Meet means, suited for, fit or matched. God set up the man to rule, and the woman to be his help. We will look at three areas that a woman can be a good help meet for him.

Focus on your husband’s divine position

God created three divine institutions with divine leaders

The state – [Rom.13] called “ministers of good” and “ordained of God”

The Church – Pastors called elders – their maturity, bishops – thier function, shepherds – their responsibilities, and they have rule over you [Heb.13:17]

The Home/Family – the man to rule as a father or husband

God’s plan is to have harmony and unity

You can tie a dog and a cat’s tail together and throw them over a clothes line, you may accomplish unity, but harmony will be hard to find.

Legal papers can tie a knot and they call it a marriage, that will in no way insure unity or harmony

God’s appointed leaders are how He accomplished unity

The world, especially through the media have damaged women’s respect for the husband’s spiritual office. [1 Pet.3:6], “lord” is a reference honoring his position. I’m not saying that you need to call your husband, lord, but things have changed a lot in the last couple of thousand years.

The same God that set up the temple with its “holy of holies”, and the ark, set up the authority of the husband over the wife. You would not ever think that you could go to the temple and rip the vail back and check out the holy of holies, yet you have no problem disregarding and disrespecting the divine office of husband.

Wives lack the faith in God to work in the heart of their husband, and through him to them! They lack a true belief of who God is and the institution of the family that he has set up.

Failure of the husband to meet his wife’s expectations and God’s apparent absence at the time, causes a woman to disregard the husband’s divine position and is a proof positive that her faith in God is lacking.

If a police officer, pulled over, any woman in this room today, and asked for her driver’s license, I have no doubt that most of the women would obey, without question. They will gladly obey a stranger, because he represents a higher authority. It’s far harder for them to obey the husband’s authority, because they know him. Both authorities are ordained of God.


Minister to your husband’s greatest needs

[Eph.5:21] refers to submitting to the needs of your mate

Your Husband’s Greatest Needs:

To be followed

To be respected as a man

To be believed in as a leader by you

Your responsibility is to follow his spiritual leadership [Eph.5:22] [Eph.5:22-23] You are to submit, he is your head [1 Cor.11:3], and you are subject to him, and all of this is to be done “as unto the Lord”. This is not a suggestion.

Are you a help meet for him, or do you see a need to control him? Ask yourself this:

Do you feel responsible to your husband or for your husband?

When his success or failure becomes yours, you will tend to criticize, get mad, nag, seek control. Perfect examples are when a wife controls the checkbook because she feels that he can’t do it correctly, or many women control all decisions concerning the children because she has taken control or ownership of them. This is feeling responsible for your husband.

A help meet for him, feels responsible to her husband, big difference.


Reverence him as your spiritual leader

[Eph.5:33] wives are to “reverence her husband”

This means to revere and respect his authority

As his help meet for him, fulfilling those three needs mentioned in the last point will not only help him become the spiritual leader God intended for you, but will improve your unity or marriage.

Do you, or can you do the following?

Pray for him consistently that God will give him the wisdom and direction to lead you and your family.

Reassure him that you trust God to work through him and that you see evidences of that in your marriage. Tell him you respect his authority because it comes from God.

Express words of trust, “I know you will take care of us, you always have”, “I know that God gave you to me”. Words of trust build his ability to lead.

Encourage him during the dark days, we all have them. A little light from your smile, goes a very long way to encourage him.

Seek spiritual counsel from your husband. This strengthens your relationship and compels him to get in the Bible and be a good example to the family.


Being a good help meet for him must include, focusing on his divine position, ministering to his greatest needs, and reverencing him as your spiritual leader.