Sunday School

Many churches today have forsaken the Sunday school, which is a tragedy.  The God-given ministers for the church include pastors AND teachers, Eph 4:11-12.  The way saints are  perfected, the body of Christ is edified, and the ministry works is through the preaching and teaching of the word of God, Acts 15:35; 28:31.

  • The children’s Sunday school classes are graded from 3-5 years old through 6th grade.  These classes meet in the children’s Sunday School building.  Children also meet on Wednesdays in the Fellowship Hall for Bible Clubs.
  • The Teens class is taught by our Youth Pastor, Tony Seale, and his wife Shannon.  They meet in Modular #1.  They also enjoy activities throughout the year and a week of teen camp in the summer.
  • Our College and Career class is taught by Bayne Horne, and his wife Marybeth.  They meet in Modular #3.  They also meet for regular fellowships with each other.
  • The Young Families class is taught by Robert Piña, and his wife Rowena.  They meet in the Fellowship Hall.  From time to time, they will meet together for a night of fun and fellowship.
  • The other Adults meet together in the Auditorium for a combined Sunday school class taught by Pastor Bevans Welder.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

We still meet on Wednesday night for singing, praising the Lord, hearing missionary updates, listening to a brief sermon, and praying together.  The children are in Bible clubs on Wednesday night, as well. And the Teens meet together for their class in Modular #1.


We believe that supporting missions is a vital part of the local church ministry, so much so that missions and the local church are inseparable.  We currently support over 75 missionaries worldwide with monthly support.  These missionaries are serving on every major continent and in all parts of the world.

Other Ministries

We also have several other ministries of the church to reach our community.

  • Radio ministry.  Pastor Welder preaches weekdays at 4:00 pm on AM 1030 KCTA.  These broadcasts are also aired on several internet radio programs internationally.
  • Website has become a significant resource for people needing help with Biblical truth.
  • Nursing home ministry.  Pastor Seale preaches at two nursing homes.
  • Jail ministry.  Pastor Seale preaches at the county jail and sends booklets and Bibles to offenders who request them.  We have mailed out hundreds of Bibles.
  • Port ministry.  We have a couple of men who regularly minister to seafarers at the Port of Corpus Christi through the Seamen’s Center.
  • Kingsville Bible Study.  A new Bible Study beginning September 5, 2023, meeting at the Holiday Inn Express on Hwy 77 in Kingsville from 7:00-8:00 pm.