Here you will find a wealth of Bible studies to help you with your Bible study, teaching and preaching.  Included in these resources are the following:

Eternal Life – this is a clear, understandable and succinct presentation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. By reading this you will know what the Bible says about how to be saved and by receiving Jesus Christ, you will be saved.

Sunday School Lessons – these are the adult Sunday school lessons taught by Pastor Bevans Welder through various books of the Bible.  They are in text and audio format.  They are verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible and yet each lesson is taught following an expository outline.

College and Career Lessons – these are the lessons taught to our College and Career class by Randy Knupple, our associate pastor.  You will find these lessons in outline format, with just the key points published.

Youth Studies – these are the lessons taught to our teens by Tony Seale, our youth pastor.  You will find Sunday school lessons and Wednesday night Bible studies, primarily.

Bible Questions and Answers – these are numerous classic Bible questions that have been answered thoroughly and yet to the point.  You’ll find these answers to be true and very helpful.

Discipleship Lessons – these are a series of simple discipleship lessons in text and video format which you can study if you are a new convert or which you can use to disciple someone else.  These lessons include a recent series taught to a special group of volunteers who were trained to disciple others.

Hymn History Videos – these are video hymn histories taught by Wally Ingram, our former song leader, which should help you fully understand why we have not followed so many other churches into contemporary praise and worship services.

Preaching and Teaching Helps – these are a number of lessons taught to aid teachers and preachers as they prepare to teach and preach God’s words.  Lessons include dealing with temptation, soul winning and practical tips.

Young Family Lessons – these are lessons that can help young families learn the practical truths and doctrines of the Bible that will help them grow together in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.