Long-suffering, Gentleness, Goodness

The fruit of the Spirit manifests itself in 9 spiritual qualities.  Today we are going to study long-suffering, gentleness, and goodness.

Long-suffering.  This is the ability to suffer through something for a long time.  It’s one of God’s characteristics, Ex 34:6.  It’s this quality that allows him to lead you to repentance, Rom 2:4, after a long season of sin for which he should have killed you long ago, see 1 Tim 1:16, 2 Pet 3:9.

This Spirit’s fruit was evident in Paul; he was long-suffering in the ministry, 2 Cor 6:6.  We need long-suffering to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, Eph 4:1-3; Col 3:12-14.

Gentleness.  Gentleness is also a characteristic of the Godhead.  It’s the fruit of the Spirit.  It is in God Almighty.  David said, “thy gentleness hath made me great”, Ps 18:35.  And this gentleness was likewise in Christ, 2 Cor 10:1.  Gentleness is a characteristic of divine wisdom in Jas 3:17, unlike the strife and bitter envying of earthly wisdom, Jas 3:14-16.

Paul was gentle with the Thessalonians, 1 Thes 2:7.  The servant of the Lord must be gentle when dealing with a wayward person, 2 Tim 2:24. And Christians in general must be gentle, Titus 3:1-2.  This gentleness comes from the Spirit in us.

Goodness.  God is abundant in goodness, Ex 34:6.  His goodness leadeth to repentance, Rom 2:4.  Men should praise the Lord for his goodness, Ps 107:8, 15, 21, 31.  And when you are filled with the Spirit you are filled with his goodness, Rom 15:13-14.  When the nations see how good God is to Israel, they will fear and tremble for all his goodness to them, Jer 33:7-9.

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