Wayne Sehmish – The Value of Routines, 1 Sam 7:15-17

This Sunday school lesson was taught by Dr. Wayne Sehmish.  The following are very brief statements from his lesson.

In 1 Sam 7:15-17, Samuel had a circuit that he travelled every year that was very predictable.  He had a routine.  Like Jesus, he did things that were “his custom.”  It’s good for us to have routines in our lives, as well.

Routines in your life are beneficial; they are not suppressive.  They help you to come into alignment with God’s ways.  Living without routine is like singing without rhythm.  A random life is littered with missed opportunities.  You are everywhere but nowhere.  Discipline does not diminish God’s working, it enhances it.  Routines are not burdens; they are blessings.  We don’t always need change and new things.

You will find this lesson very helpful if you find your life lacks order and if it seems to be out of sync with God.