Your Hands and Feet in the Temple of the Holy Ghost 1 Tim. 2:8

Your Hands and Feet in the Temple of the Holy Ghost 1 Tim. 2:8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.  Therefore, your hands and feet are his to use, as well.

What the Holy Spirit wants with your hands.  He wants them:

Holy – 1 Tim 2:8 – holy hands – the emphasis today is lifting up the hands not the holiness of the hands – Jas 4:8 cleanse your hands and purify your hearts – 2 Cor 6:17 touch not the unclean thing.

Working and Giving – Acts 20:34 – work to support yourself and others with you in the ministry [i.e., missionaries] – work to minister to your necessities 2 Thes 3:7-10 – Prov 31:13 she worketh willingly with her hands  – work to pay your expenses and have enough to help others who have a need Eph 4:28

Active – Prov 6:10 – a little folding of the hands to sleep – too many Christians are lazy.

Supporting – Gal 2:9 – those preaching to the Jews gave the right hands of fellowship to those preaching to the Gentiles as a gesture of agreement and support in their labors for the Lord.

Unencumbered – Prov 17:18 – a man void of understanding striketh hands – don’t make deals that you don’t want to be forced to keep.

Notes on two other things:

The laying on of hands (in the ministry) 1 Tim 4:14; 5:22 – the impartation of some spiritual gift (2 Tim 1:6) and the ordination of a man for his ministry – there’s an acknowledgement that men recognize the hand of God in the life of the minister and there is some spiritual commissioning from the Lord that is similar to the birthing of one church out of another church like we were started initially as a mission of First Bible Baptist Church in Green Bay.

The laying on of hands (in healing) – Acts 28:8 – Paul laid hands on the father of Publius and healed him – today charlatan faith healers lay hands on people and claim to have healed them – no doubt the Lord still heals but there’s no such thing as a true faith healer – the apostles and Jesus Christ healed everyone that came to them – when the disciples failed in Matt 17 it was their lack of faith that was the cause – healing was a sign to the Jews and when the gospel moved to Gentiles this gift ceased – remember that God still heals but men can’t – and remember that many times God doesn’t heal [2 Cor 12:7-10].

What the Holy Spirit wants with your feet.  He wants them:

Walking in the right path – Prov 4:26 – ponder the path of thy feet – the right path is found daily in the word of God Ps 119:105.

Staying out of the wrong path – Prov 4:14-15 – Enter not into the path of the wicked…

  • Prov 6:18 – the feet of the wicked are swift in running to mischief
  • Prov 7:11 – the feet of a wicked woman abide not in her house

Walking out to preach the gospel – Rom 10:15 – How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel (Eph 6:15 feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace)

Bruising Satan when Jesus returns – Rom 16:20 – Jesus will bruise Satan under our feet shortly – this will not happen until Jesus returns – in the meantime, the most we should say to the devil is “the Lord rebuke thee,” [Jude 9].