Elections Romans 13: 1-8  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

People want to affect the political process with their contributions and their votes.  However, while these things are important to the “political process” they should never overshadow your Biblical understanding of government, prophecy or your need to pray.  Consider these passages from the Bible:

The powers that be are ordained of God – Rom 13:1-8 therefore, we are subject to them and responsible to them.

But for them to rule “right” they must do justice and judgment – Is 9:7, 2 Sam8:15, 2 Chr 9:8 – the Lord, David and Solomon all ruled or will rule with justice and judgment.

When the Lord loved Israel, he gave them good kings – 2 Chr2:11 – Solomon was a good king.

But commonly, rulers are “not good” – that’s because the devil is the god of this world, 2 Cor 4:4 w/ Lk 4:6, and also because the Lord typically uses a bad ruler to accomplish his will, Rom 9:17.

Yet even when the ruler is “not good,” he is still to be honored – 1 Pet2:17, the king whom Peter honored was Nero, the king who ordered Peter’s death.  Before you forward the next political email consider this verse, Acts 23:5.

Now concerning elections, remember that Jesus was rejected – Matt 21:42, Acts 4:10-11 – so the majority may vote for a candidate but the majority can be wrong.

And the coming popular “peaceful” world ruler will be accepted – Dan 11:21 w/ Rev 6:2 – the antichrist will be favored by the people at first and it doesn’t make one bit of difference how many conservative emails are sent and how much money is raised to defeat him, the antichrist will rule.

So, in any case, you must trust the Lord – Ps 118:8-9 – politicians will never be able to accomplish in your life what the Lord can do.

And you must pray – 1 Tim 2:1-3 – I fear that far more Christians try to influence politics with money and votes than with prayer.  Don’t neglect prayer and think that you have done your part by simply voting.