Sayings from the Bible Heb. 4:12

Sayings from the Bible Heb. 4:12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Your Bible is alive and is more current than the daily news. Much of the world’s language that is used today comes from the Bible. They may not have a clue, but many of the sayings that the world uses daily come from Scripture. In this lesson we will look at as many as time permits and will in no way come close to exhausting all the references that exist.


[Gen.4:2-5] You can’t get blood out of a turnip –  The Application

[Gen.4:8] Raising Cain – causing havoc or trouble, Cain raised himself up against

[Gen.4:15] He’s a marked man

[Gen.11:1-8] Like talking to a brick wall – the application, won’t listen or understand

[Gen.11:7-9] Stop your babbling

[Gen.23:16] Currency – money on any continent, values change

[Ex.10:21] So dark you can feel it

[Ex.21:6] Earmarked

[Num.21:16] Beer – Used by the world as something to quench your thirst, really water

[Deu.29:19-20] Smoking mad

[Jud.7:5-12] Underdog – also [1 Sam 17:43] [2Sam.14:3] Don’t put words in his/her mouth

[2Sam.17:23] Put your house in order, also [2Kings20:1] [2Kings21:13] Going to clean your plate!

[Job 2:4-6] Hurts like the devil

[Job.3:13] stillborn

[Ecc.10:1] A fly in the ointment

[Ecc.10:19] Money talks/ [Prov.23:5] Money has wings

[Ecc.10:20] A little birdy told me, match up [Eph.2:2] and [Lk.8:12] [Isa.40:15] A drop in the bucket

[Jer.2:13] That won’t hold water

[Jer.13:10] Good for nothing, [Matt.5:13] [Jer.52:34] Diet, dirty four-letter word!

[Eze.26:17] Seafaring men

[Dan.4:10-18] I’m stumped

[Matt.8:31-32] Deviled Ham

[Mark 7:32-35] tongue tied

[Mark 9:43] That cost an arm and a leg, high cost

[Acts 13:46-47] Borrowed from Peter to pay Paul

[Rom.12:10-21] Kill them with kindness, also [Prov.25:21-22] [Rom.16:4] He stuck his neck out for him

[2Cor.12:2] Out of body experience

[Gal.6-7] You made your bed, now sleep in it, [Rev.2:20-22] [Eph.1:14] Earnest

[Rev.7:1] the four corners of the Earth