How to Live (A Study in Ecclesiastes) Lesson #11 A Living Dog or a Dead Lion

How to Live (A Study in Ecclesiastes)

 Lesson #11: A Living Dog or a Dead Lion (Ecclesiastes 9:1-6)

 The passage before us is an interesting passage. At first Solomon is comparing the righteous and the wicked saying that the same thing happens to them all. The event he is referring to is death. This is shown at the end of verse 3, “they go to the dead”. We must remember that he is writing from the view point of man.

In verses 4-6 Solomon makes another interesting distinction. Here he compares a living dog to a dead lion. There is no real comparison between a lion and a dog but the key here is that the dog is alive and the lion is dead.

Why is a living dog better than a dead lion?

 1)  The living dog has hope (verse 4)

  • Note the wording that Solomon uses, “he that is joined unto the living”. Now Jesus has not even been born at this time let alone crucified and risen again, but we can make a spiritual application for us today.
  • Through salvation we are joined to Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:23-33). He is the life and our hope is in him (Titus 2:13-14)

2)  The living dog has knowledge (verse 5)

  • Even though the living will die at least they are alive to know they will die. This gives us the opportunity to live as if we are dying (2 Corinthians 4:8-18).
  • With the knowledge of what is truly important (Philippians 3:7-10) we can accomplish works that will continue even after we are dead and gone.

3)  Living dog has rewards (verse 5-6)

  • Through the hope that is in Jesus Christ and the knowledge of what is truly important we can earn rewards both in this life and the life to come (Galatians 6:7-9).

Life Lesson:

 Whether you see yourself as a lion or a dog the important thing is to be saved and joined to the living (Jesus Christ) for soon or later we will die and there will be no more opportunity to accomplish things in this life for the Lord.


How to Live (A Study in Ecclesiastes)

 Lesson #11: A Living Dog or a Dead Lion (Ecclesiastes 9:1-6)

 1)  What is Solomon comparing in the first part of this passage?


2)  What is the event that Solomon says will happen to all?


3)  Why is it better to be a living dog rather than a dead lion?


4)  What is the life lesson for us from this passage?