God’s Thoughts


Isaiah 55:8-9

We all have the idea that we’re right, but what we really need is God’s perspective on things.  Isaiah 55:8-9

Principle #1 Mark 10:42-45 – They way up is down

  • The best preparation for leadership is service.
  • Jesus Christ is preparing a ruling class for when He returns.

Principle #2 Death of Saints is Precious Psalms 116:15.

  • What we consider the worst case scenario is best case scenario to God.  Why? Sin is ended in that person’s life. God’s view is eternal and He’s already told you this life is but a vapor.

Principle #3 Gods priority is fellowship through a greater revelation of Himself

  • We assign alot of priorities to God.  He needs to fix this or He shouldn’t have let this happen.  Can I shock you with something?  God’s priority is not that you feel better.  His priority is not even your healing.  His priority is that you grow closer to Him as He reveals Himself to you.
  • Job 1:6-8, 21  Satan is looking for prey  and God suggests Job.  Verse 21 says God takes away.   The end of Job, God gives Job all his stuff back and doubles it, Job 42:9-17.  But God always had the power to restore the “STUFF” Job lost. But the point of that ultimate drama was Job 42:5, I have heard of thee, but now mine eye seeth thee.  God revealed more of himself to Job.

Principle #4 Surrender is Victory James 4:10.

  • Most struggles or pressures or weights we carry are a matter of us holding onto something and not giving it to the Lord.  Where God’s will meets our will is where the fight is.

Principle #5 Weakness is Strength 2 Corinthians 12:9.

Principle #6 No pleasure in the death of the wicked. Ezekiel 33:11

  • Our carnal idea of God bleeds into our relationship with God.  Even Christians have this guilt complex where they think God is waiting to thump them.

Principle #7 Death is Life, John 12:24 & 1 Corinthians 15

  • Seed planted in death and sprouts in new life.