The Doctrine of Sanctification


            In six days God completed creation. Then on the seventh day He ended the work and rested. He blessed that seventh day and Sanctified it. Anything that is Sanctified, means that it is set apart for a sacred purpose, the act of making holy. [Ex.20:8] “to keep it holy”  he commanded it to be holy. [Ex.40:1-16] Moses was commanded to rear up the tabernacle and sanctify it, Aaron and his sons, and all the parts and pieces. It was set apart to be holy. [1 Thes. 5:23]  Body, Soul, and Spirit  “sanctify you wholly” three parts to deal with


[Rom.8:21-23] We all wait for the redemption of our body! Future.

[1Jn.3:2] Waiting for that glorified body. Future.

[Phil.3:20-21] finally a glorious body, sanctified and holy, Praise God.


[Acts 26:13-18] Sanctified by faith in Jesus Christ, upon believing. Past.

[1 Cor.6:9-11] Your soul is sanctified at the point of salvation.

[2 Cor.5:21] You are the possessor of God’s righteousness!

[Heb.10:10-14] Your soul is perfect in God’s eyes.

[Jude 1] Preserved in Jesus Christ


[James 1:22-25] The word is a mirror; it shows us our need to change. Progressive.

[2Cor.7:1] We have a responsibility to do some of this cleanup work [Rom.8:29] conformed to the image of His son

  1. [Jn.17:17] By the word of God, [Jn.15:1-3] clean
  2. [Heb.13:12] By the blood, [Heb.9:14] plead the blood, [1Jn.1:8] Cleanseth
  3. [Heb.12:6-11] By chastisement
  4. [Rom.6:19] By yielding to righteousness unto holiness

[II Tim. 2:19-21] We are to be a vessel unto honour, sanctified….

God takes you just as you are but loves you too much to leave you there. He wants each of us to become a vessel sanctified meet for the master’s use.