Prophecies Concerning Israel, Part 3

In the last two Sunday school lessons, we looked at some prophecies concerning Israel that are commonly believed to have been already fulfilled.  These are prophecies that foretell the regathering of Israel, the restoration of the desert, the rebirth of the nation, and so forth.  All of these prophecies, that you see in the Bible, will be fulfilled.  They just haven’t been fulfilled, yet.  

In this lesson we are simply going to show you the order of the fulfillment of several of the major prophecies concerning Israel.  We won’t deal with all of the prophecies about Israel, because they are too numerous.  The ones we discuss in this lesson will give you a general outline of major future events, so you will have an idea when the other prophecies will be fulfilled.  

Following the rapture of the church, the world will go into the Tribulation.  We will start our study with what happens right after the rapture concerning Israel.  Here are some of the major prophecies concerning Israel.  These are the prophecies of:

A time of world peace – this time is simultaneous with the rise of the antichrist – see Rev 6:2-4, the antichrist appears on a white horse with a crown to imitate the true Christ of Rev 19:11-12. In Dan 11:21-24 he comes in peacefully and deceitfully.  That’s why the second rider who comes with the opening of the second seal takes peace from the earth.  The antichrist has a strong Jewish connection as you see in Ezek 21:25-27.  He is the profane wicked prince of Israel.  

Jewish worship in a temple restored – Rev 11:1-2 – the Jews will be offering sacrifices again.  This temple may or may not be a building.  It could be a tabernacle, like the Jews had in the wilderness [Is 33:20, for instance]. 

The abomination of desolation set up – Dan 8:11-12 – the antichrist allows the daily sacrifice.  Midway through the Tribulation he takes it away.  In Dan 9:26-27 he sets up the abomination of desolation [Matt 24:15], which is an image that must be worshipped [Rev 13:14-15].  He will also require the mark of the beast [Rev 13:16-18].  It’s the Antichrist’s apparent resurrection that fools people into believing that he is the powerful Messiah [Rev 13:3-5].  As you can see, he will control the money, religion, and world government.

The Jews’ flight to the wilderness – Rev 12:6, 14 – the Jews flee to the wilderness to be fed and protected from the antichrist.  Notice that they are fed for 1,260 days, or for a time (one year), and times (two more years), and half a time (a half year).  These are the same as the 42 months the antichrist rules.  In Matt 24:16-21, when the Jews flee from Judea, they are fed with manna [Mic 7:14].

The two witnesses – Rev 11:3-12 – the two witnesses are God’s men who prophesy for 42 months against the antichrist.  They have power to withhold the rain, to call down fire from heaven and to do miracles.  At the end of the 42 months, they are killed, they are brought back to life, and they are “raptured.”

The revelation of the Wicked – Rev 12:7 – it’s not apparent to the people on earth that the antichrist becomes the devil incarnate.  He hides his true identity until he is ready to be revealed [2 Thes 2:3-9].  He sits in the temple and professes himself to be God so that he will be worshipped as God.  According to Is 14:12-16, this is something that Lucifer had always wanted.  Notice in Is 14, that he is the devil, but he is seen by the people on earth as a “man.”  In Is 14:29, out of the serpent’s root comes a fiery flying serpent [Rev 12:9].  In Is 14:20 he is part Jewish (see the reference to “thy” land and “thy” people).  In Is 14:25 he is part Assyrian [see also Mic 5:5, and take note of “this man shall be the peace”].

An international attempt to destroy Israel – Ps 83:2-12 – notice the confederacy of nations that gather together to “cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.”  According to Zech 12:9-10, in that day Jesus “will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.”

The return of Jesus – Zeph 3:8 – when the nations are gathered and assembled, Jesus returns to pour upon them his indignation, fierce anger, and jealousy.  In Zech 14:1-4, Jesus returns to “fight against those nations.”  In Joel 2:10-11 and Rev 19:11-16, we who are saved return with him as his armies to fight with him against the nations who oppose him and Israel.  This is connected with Armageddon, Rev 16:16.

The Devil chained in the bottomless pit – Rev 20:1-3 – the devil loses his battle against the Lord [Rev 12:7-9; Dan 8:25] and will be chained in the bottomless pit during the entire reign of Jesus Christ on earth.

The resurrection and salvation of Israel – Ezek 37:1-14 – when Jesus defeats the antichrist, he raises the dead saints in Israel.  Notice that David is raised with them [Ezek 37:24-25].  In Rom 11:25-27 all Israel is saved when the Deliverer (Jesus Christ) turns “away ungodliness from Jacob” and takes “away their sins.”  This is when the new covenant is fulfilled [Jer 31:31-34].

The occupation of the land – Ezek 36:24, Is 66:20, Ezek 47:13-23, Ezek 48 – Israel occupies the land promised to Abraham.  In these verses, you can see the borders of their homeland and the order of their inheritance throughout the land.

The millennial reign of Jesus – Rev 20:4-7 – Jesus will rule and reign visibly and physically on earth.  The whole earth will be at rest [Is 14:7].  The animals will all peacefully coexist [Is 11:1-9].  And there will be real world peace [Is 2:4], something the united nations could never accomplish.  Israel will be the ruling nation of the world, Is 14:1-3; Is 60:11-12.

Conclusion: As you can see from this outline of the future major events foretold in the Bible, there are still many prophecies concerning Israel that have yet to be fulfilled.  The outline above gives you the general order in which these major events will occur.