Sin Nature Eph. 2:1-3

Sin Nature Eph. 2: 1-3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You have heard it before, you have a sin nature passed down to you from Adam. Because of the Virgin Birth, Jesus Christ was born without a sin nature, [1Cor.15:22] “for as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive”. It stands as the most evident reason for a virgin birth. If the seed that produced Jesus was from a man then he would have been born with a sin nature. [Luke 1:30-35] states that the conception of that holy thing will be of the Holy Ghost, therefore from God, and not man. So when you get saved your nature should change, [2Cor.5:17] because you are a new creature in Christ. You should not sin anymore, but we all do to some extent. Let’s look at this sin nature.

You and Sin

  • [Rom. 3:10,23] All have sinned
  • [Rom.6:23] the wages of sin is death
  • [Rom.5:12] Because of Adam…….
  • [Rom.7:18-20] Paul says that it is in his flesh
  • [Gal.5:19] the works of the flesh are manifest…..
  • [Ps.51:5] David said he was born in sin
  • [Rom.6:12-16&19] the problem is that we obey it, serve it and yield to it.
  • [Eph.2:1-3] therefore we are the children of disobedience, in the past!
  • We obey our will and not God’s will, disobedience is a choice.


Adam and Sin

Before the fall

  • Adam had no sin nature
  • Adam had no knowledge of Good or Evil [Gen.2:15-17]
  • But he sinned anyway!
  • Sin entered in when he disobeyed God.
  • [Rom.5:19] “…by one man’s disobedience
  • He obeyed his will and not God’s will, disobedience is a choice [1Tim.2:13-14]

After the fall

  • He knew he and Eve were naked [Gen.2:7]
  • He knew he had done wrong and hid from God [Gen.2:8-10]
  • When confronted, he blamed someone else [Gen.2:12-13]
  • They had the knowledge of good and evil now.

Jesus and Sin

[1Cor.15:45-49] The Bible speaks of Two Adams

The First Adam:

  • Made a living soul – eternal
  • Natural – we start out natural [1Cor.2:14] natural man
  • Earthly ( of the dust of the ground)
  • Sinned without a sin nature by disobeying God, a choice

The last Adam:

  • Made a quickening spirit – our text, you hath he quickened….
  • Spiritual – Spirit of God, Conceived by the Holy Ghost
  • The lord from heaven – he was God
  • Heavenly
  • Never sinned, [Heb.4:15] “…in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin

How did Jesus do it when Adam could not?

[Isa.7:14-16] “…that he may know how to refuse evil and choose good” – obedience

“Butter and honey shall he eat”- very nourishing and they take considerable work to get

  • Butter comes from milk – [2Pet.2:2]
  • Honey – [Ps.19:10]
  • Both typify the word of God and it’s instructive and nourishing power
  • [Isa.50:4-6] “…tongue of the learned” “hear as the learned”
[Luke 2:46-52] “…astonished at his understanding and answers”,” increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man”

[Mk.1:22] his doctrine, with authority    [Lk.4:32] his doctrine, word was with power

[Heb.5:7-9] “…learned he obedience” and “being made perfect” “became the author of salvation, He was a sinless sacrifice


  • We have the same butter and honey, with work we too can refuse evil and choose good
  • Obedience is a choice, Jesus always chose to obey the Father
  • The more you apply yourself to the words of God, the easier it becomes to obey.
  • After salvation you still sin, because it’s still in your flesh. But you should feel differently about it now because of the effect of the Spirit of God and the words of God in your life.