Three Transgressions of Balaam Num. 22-25

Three Transgressions of Balaam Num. 22:1-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the Bible, there are three transgressions of Balaam mentioned. The Error of  Jude 11, the way of  2 Pet.2:14-15, And the doctrine of Balaam Rev.2:14. The account of His actions are found in the book of Numbers. In this lesson, we will identify what each of these transgressions were and how to apply them.

[Num. 22:1-6]
  • The children of Israel have completed 40 years in the wilderness, and God is now leading them toward the promise land.
  • They have defeated Sihon, king of the Amorites and Og, king of Bashan.
  • Now Balak, the king of Moab, sees them approaching in very great numbers.
  • He sends to hire Balaam to curse them
  • Balak sends “the rewards of divination” MONEY to accomplish his will
  • God (verse 12) states clearly his will
  • Balaam above all wanted the money!
  • He disobeyed God, (verses 20-22) and God’s anger was kindled against him
  • God gets his attention by getting his ass to talk to him! (verses 23-31)
  • In verse 31, the angel of the Lord says an interesting phrase “thy way is perverse before me”
  • (2Pet.2:15-16) The way of Balaam – “who loved the wages of unrighteousness”
  • (1 Tim.6:10) He had a love of money, even chased it against God’s will
  • (1 Tim.6:6) Didn’t believe that godliness with contentment is great gain
[Num. 22:33 – 24:25]
  • Balaam tried three times, from three different angles to curse the children of Israel
  • Each time the Lord doesn’t allow the curses but has him bless Israel
  • King Balak has had enough, and fires Him (Num. 24:10-11)
  • (Num.24:14) He counsels the King before speaking his last parable concerning the latter days, (Mi.6:5)
  • (Num. 31:16) His counsel , informed the king how to hurt the children of Israel
  • (Num.25:1-9) The counsel was followed and found to be correct and 24 thousand died
  • (Jude 11) The error of Balaam, Like Cain being against his brother Abel, Balaam was against God’s chosen people – He was killed by the Jews (Num.31:8)
  • God made it clear in the beginning, (Gen.12:3)
  • God will make it clear at the Judgment of the Nations (Matt.25:13-46)



  • The Doctrine of Balaam
  • Fornication and eating of things sacrificed to idols
  • (Deu.23:3) Jews commanded never to intermingle with an Amorite or Moabite
  • Even during the time of the book of Acts (Acts15:29) the Apostles were warning them to abstain from these things




                The Doctrine, way and error of Balaam will return in the Tribulation, fornication and eating of things sacrificed to idols. Will be a part of worship of the antichrist. (Rev.17:6, 2)

We can already see some of these transgressions in the church today, preachers that are money hungry, “praise and worship” sensual displays that will lead to sex in the church, and the ecumenical movement to get rid of God’s chosen people the Jews, what an error.