The Eye in the Temple of the Holy Ghost Matt. 6:22-23

The Temple of the Holy Ghost- The Eye Matt. 6:22-23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The eye in the temple of the Holy Ghost is a very important member, indeed.  Matt 6:22-23 says that the light of the body is the eye.  When your eye is single you see what God wants you to see the way that God wants you to see it and then your whole body is full of light.  When your eye is evil you see what the devil wants you to see or you see what God wants you to see the way that the devil wants you to see it.  Then your whole body is full of darkness.  Here’s what we need to know about our eyes:

The devil wants to use our eyes – see Gen 3:5-6 where Eve saw only positive things about the deadly forbidden tree – 1 Jn 2:16 speaks of the lust of the eyes – 2 Pet 2:18 speaks of eyes full of adultery – in Jos 7:21 Achan saw the spoil and then he took it – in 2 Sam 11:2 – David saw Bathsheba and then he committed adultery with her – in Lk 4:5-6 the devil showed Jesus the kingdoms of the world hoping to get Jesus to bow down and worship him.

God wants to use our eyes – to look at his words Ps 119:148 – to look on the fields Jn 4:35 – to look on the things of others Phil 2:4 – to look for the Saviour Phil 3:20

You don’t need your eyes to see spiritual things – we walk by faith not by sight 2 Cor 5:7 – faith is the evidence of things not seen Heb 11:1 – we need the eyes of our understanding opened Eph 1:18 – we are to look at eternal things not temporal 2 Cor 4:18 – the blind man did not need to see Jesus to know that he was the Lord, the Son of David Matt 20:30-34 – no man hath seen God 1 Tim 6:16 – and though we have not seen him we love him 1 Pet 1:8 – and thank the Lord we will see him one day 1 Jn 3:2.

Conclusion: So be careful with your eyes and keep them single and make sure to remember that much of what we need in our lives does not depend upon our eyes.