Praise Him in the Heights Ps.148:1-6

Praise him in the Heights Ps. 148:1-6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are things in the heights that God created and put there not only for the purpose that they serve but also to praise him.  That’s why the Psalmist said, Praise him in the heights.  The things that are “up there” to praise him are:

The angels – Rev 12:7 there are God’s angels and there are the devil’s angels – Rev 5:1 God’s angels are around the throne with him and number more than 100,000,000 – Jude 9 the archangel is named Michael – Lk 1:26 another angel is named Gabriel – Matt 25:41 the devil’s angels will wind up in everlasting fire with him – Col 2:18 angels are not to be worshipped.

The hosts – Is 24:21 there are kings on the earth and there are hosts in the heavens – Eph 6:12 these are principalities and powers – 1 Ki 22:19 the Lord’s host is with him in heaven – Rev 19:14 the armies in heaven will follow the Lord on white horses at the second coming of Jesus – 2 Ki 17:16 the host of heaven is not be worshipped.

The stars, moon, and stars – Ps 19:1-5 the heavens declare the glory of God – Gen 1:14-19 the Lord created these lights and placed them in the firmament; they did not evolve – the sun typifies Jesus, the moon typifies the church – Deut 17:3; Jer 8:2 these are not to be worshipped.

The heavens – 2 Cor 12:1-4 there are three of them [Gen 1:1, 8, 20] – Gen 1:6-10 the Lord divided the waters from the waters – the waters above the earth separate the 2nd heaven from the third heaven so that our universe is a closed system – see also Ps 104:6-7 – in all of NASA’s space exploration they have never discovered this body of water but it’s there.

The Lord created all of these [Col 1:16-17] – he established them [Heb 1:3] – he decreed that the ordinances would remain [Jer 31:35-36] and they have.