At Bible Believers Baptist Church, we believe that supporting missions is a vital part of the local church ministry, so much so that missions and the local church are inseparable.  We currently support over 75 missionaries worldwide with monthly support.  These missionaries are serving on every major continent and in all parts of the world.

Local churches have a variety of ways of supporting missionaries.  Some churches fully support the missionaries that they send out of their church, thus eliminating the need for their missionaries to raise support on deputation.  Other churches support missionaries who visit them on deputation and furlough.  At BBBC we support missionaries who have visited us by sending them monthly support and by helping them from time to time with special projects and needs that arise in their ministries.

We have our annual missions conference in late February.  Sometimes we host a special speaker who preaches each service and at other times we ask the missionaries to preach the various services.  We always try to have a mixture of veteran missionaries on furlough and new missionaries on deputation.  We haven’t used faith promise missions here; however, we do encourage our folks to give regularly and faithfully to missions.

Over the years we have taken several missions trips.  These are a great help and encouragement to the missionaries and they are a great way to increase the burden for missions in our church.  We usually combine evangelistic work with a project so that there is a good balance of help to the church and missionary we visit.