Fish, Fishing, Fishermen – Joe Cammilleri

According to the Bible, men are like fish. Therefore, the first four men God called to be his disciples were commercial fishermen. Our efforts to win men to Christ are likened to fishermen catching fish. Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”, Matt 4:19.

God called these disciples to catch men, Luke 5:10, because commercial fishermen:

Fish by Faith. Generally, you can’t see the fish that you’re trying to catch. And we can’t see the inside of the people we are trying to catch for Christ. We preach the gospel in hopes that they might be saved, like men cast their “bait” hoping to catch fish.

Fish on Purpose. Recreational fishermen fish to fish. Commercial fishers fish to catch fish. That’s what they do. And we should preach the gospel with the same attitude, that this is what we do. It’s our purpose.

Prepare to Fish. They are always ready to fish. We need to prepare to catch men like commercial fishermen prepare to catch fish. Jn 15:8, 16 shows you the value of prayer in preparing to bear fruit.

Make Time for Fishing. They catch fish because they keep fishing. We need to keep going out to catch men like commercial fishermen keeping going out to catch fish.

Fishing for men is not accomplished by simply handing out tracts. Fishing has a man on a pole trying to hook up with a fish on the line. You gotta try to catch a man with the gospel the way commercial fishermen catch fish with a rod and reel.