Give God What He Wants – Joel Haynes

Missionary Joel Haynes, to the Navajo Nation, preached from Gen 22:2 on what God wanted from Abraham.

God wanted what Abraham had, his son. “thy son”. God asked for Isaac.

God wanted what Abraham hoped for. “thine only son Isaac”. God asked for his only son. The future seed was promised to come through him.

God wanted what Abraham had in his heart. “whom thou lovest”. God asked for the one whom Abraham loved.

And he gave God what he wanted. In exchange:

God gave him reflection. Gen 22:14. God gave him a reflection of the gospel that we see in Jesus Christ, Jn 8:58, Gal 3:8.

God gave him multiplication. Gen 22:15-18. God promised him seed as the stars of heaven for multitude.

God gave him consolation. Gen 22:16-17; Heb 6:13, 18. In consolation, God gave him his heart. To console is to draw one near. Abraham became the friend of God, Jas 2:23.

Give God what he wants. He’ll give you much more in exchange.