Fishing, One More Cast – Joe Cammilleri

Pastor Joe Cammilleri concluded the missions conference with one more sermon of fishing for men. He called this sermon, One More Cast. In fishing for and catching men for Jesus, we must:

Fish by the rules, 2 Tim 2:3-4. We must fish lawfully. God is a God of due order, 1 Chr 13:10-11; 1 Chr 15:13. Uzza died because he touched the ark, which was against the due order. Don’t cheat in your effort to win the lost. If, for instance, you become like the world to win the world, the world wins. If you can catch men by cheating, don’t assume God approves. Moses got water out of the rock when he struck it twice. But God didn’t approve.

Appreciate the varieties of ways to fish, Hab 1:14-15. There’s different kinds of fishing for different kinds of fish. When you’re fishing, follow your captain. Be creative, but don’t stray from Jesus. And don’t judge those who fish differently than you fish.

Remember that catching fish is only the first step, Prov 12:27. Once you catch them, you have to clean them and process them. This is not catch and release. After catching men, help them become useable for the Savior.

Excite others to fish, Jn 21:3. Take someone with you. According to Mk 1:17-20, commercial fishing can be a family business. So, take your children out when you’re fishing for men. Some of the best fishers are in the youth group. Our youth ministry should not be a ministry to youth but a ministry of youth. They should come to understand that fishing is fun and it is a normal way of life.

Recognize that deep is relative, Ps 107:23-24. Ezek 47:3-5. There are all kinds of depths where fish may be caught. Fish at the depth that’s right for you. And then try to fish a little deeper.