Wisdom Crieth Without, Prov 1:20-23

Wisdom Crieth Without Prov. 1:20-23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Notice in Prov 1:20-23 and in Prov 8:1-4, wisdom makes a very public appeal for men to listen.  Wisdom can be heard in the “street.”  You may be asking where wisdom’s voice is heard so publicly today. In this day and age consider all the ways you can find wisdom calling out to you.

Wisdom crieth without – On the radio, on television, on the internet, in tracts, through street preachers, in churches, in bookstores and other places that sell Bibles, through personal witnesses, etc.  Of course, in every one of these venues, you can find more foolishness than you can find wisdom.  Nevertheless, through all of these means, wisdom crieth without.

In spite of all these avenues of gaining wisdom, men still walk in foolishness because:

Wisdom’s cries are refused – Prov 1:24 – men reject God’s counsel to continue in their sin.  Somehow men think that they are smarter than God and that they are wiser when they refuse God’s words.

Wisdom’s cries are refuted – Rom 1:21-22 – men refute God’s counsel with their own wisdom to cast doubt upon God’s words.  Some men believe that they are wise enough to refute God’s words.  In fact, they are foolish professors.

Wisdom’s cries are repressed – Jn 8:43 – the din of the following drowns out the voice of the Spirit of God where he can hardly be heard: conversation, diversion [music, entertainment], transportation, recreation, aviation, locomotion, commotion, production [industry], construction, commercialization [trafficking], and distraction.

Conclusion: If you do not know or cannot hear the voice of wisdom, it is not that wisdom has ceased to cry out.  It is that you must try harder to hear her voice above the din of confusion.  If you fail to hearken to her voice it will not be her fault; it will be yours.  For more on this subject, see the study in Proverbs called Wisdom Crieth Without.