Wisdom Crieth Without Proverbs 1: 20-23

Wisdom Crieth Without Prov. 1: 20-23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You can hear the voice of wisdom in public if you are listening – and her voice is heard in broad daylight – you don’t always have to dig for it [there is enough in the street to turn you to the Lord] – her voice is the voice of reproof [that’s why you shut out her voice] – she gets after the simple ones [those who just go along with the flow without ever checking a thing out] and the scorners [the ones who openly oppose the things of God – they routinely blaspheme God and his people – they make fun of them] and the fools who hate knowledge [it’s not that they don’t care, like the simple, and it’s not that they scorn God it’s just that they reject his knowledge on anything and go about following their own counsel Rom 1:22]

If you listen wisdom will pour out her spirit to you and make known her words to you [1 Cor 2:9-14 shows that you are only going to know them as the Spirit opens your understanding to them] – but you have to listen and you have to turn at her reproof

Where is wisdom like this found?

In Creation – Rom 1 by wisdom he made the worlds – an examination of nature in order to get rid of God is the ultimate foolishness – the Indians made Totem Poles like Rom 1:23 yet they testify of a great white spirit – they knew God but glorified him not as God – a Korean girl in Pensacola got saved after creation {a tallow tree} testified of the death burial and resurrection of Jesus

In the sky – Ps 19 – people have ended up worshipping Baal [knowing that the sun was connected somehow to God] and Allah [the moon god]

In sowing and reaping – Gal 6:7-8 shows both ways you get wisdom in sowing and reaping – reaping in the flesh and reaping in the spirit will allow you to see wisdom and experience it

In the common language – there’s not a fellow that I have ever dealt with that has not known “Jesus died for our sins” – the public is trying to get the words out of the common language but everyone I’ve talked to still knows that – the common language is “go to hell,” “Jump in the lake” – even the date on the newspaper is in “the year of our Lord”

Street preachers, tracts, billboards, radio, television, personal witness, yard signs, bumper stickers, visitation – everyone knows someone who is a Christian – there are Bibles in the hotels – there are Bibles for a dollar in the stores

Conclusion: When a man turns at the reproof of wisdom, the Lord starts drawing him toward Jesus, gets him saved, filled with the Spirit and into the word.