God Our Father, Eph 1:2

In Eph 1:2, Paul wrote concerning God our Father.  Do you ever think about the implications of this phrase?  If you were raised in a religion, you probably haven’t given this a second thought.  You’ve just gotten used to saying God or Father.

We when refer to God as God our Father we speak of:

Relationship.  “Father”.  He is our Father by the new birth.  We are not all born as children of God.  Only those who have trusted Jesus Christ as our Saviour can truly call him Father.  We are his children.  A lady recently said, “I knew of God but I didn’t know God.  Now I know him”.  He is among us and we are with him.  And the beauty is that we will keep this relationship for eternity.

Responsibility.  “Father”.  As our Father we are under his authority.  We are here to do his will.  He works in us to will and to do of his good pleasure.  He gives us his word, power, grace, hope, Spirit, and direction to get it done.  The thing to do is check in with him through prayer on everything you do, no matter how minor it may seem.  Always follow his will.

Reverence.  “God”.  He is worthy of our respect, our fear.  We hold him in high esteem.  He is the true God.  He is the Creator.  We should praise him and speak of him.  And we should honor him by standing up for him in a world that hates him.

Reputation.  “Our”.  We don’t want to do or say anything that brings reproach to his name or to the name of his children.  We should always remember that we are known as his children.  What we do should always bring him glory.

Conclusion: We are privileged to call him God our Father and ourselves the sons of God.  Always remember the beauty of this relationship and the responsibility that goes with him.  Reverence him and protect his reputation and yours.