The Future of Renewable Energy, Prov 30:4

Those who profess to be concerned about the environment and global warming advocate that we should replace energy from fossil fuels with what they call renewable energy.  Currently, renewable energy is derived from:

Wind power – air flow is used to run wind turbines which generate electricity.

Solar energy – there two kinds of solar energy.  Passive solar energy, where the radiant heat of the sun is used to heat a building or water in a water tank, for instance.  Active solar energy, where the radiant light of the sun is used to produce energy with the use of technologies like photovoltaic systems [solar panels].

Hydro power – water flow is used to run turbines which generate electricity.

Bioenergy – biological material is used to produce heat through combustion or energy by converting the biological material to biofuel. 

Geothermal energy – heat from deep within the earth is used as thermal energy in heating and cooling buildings and in other industrial applications.

These sources of energy are said to be renewable, inexhaustible, secure, and sustainable.  Globally, many governments want to diminish their dependence upon fossil fuels and increase dependence on these other sources of energy.  

However, there will be problems with all of these energy sources in the future.  During the Tribulation, consider the future of renewable energy:

Wind power – Prov 30:4 – God “hath bound the wind in his fists.”  God controls the wind.  No amount of scientific testing and innovation is going to change that.  In Rev 7:1, the Lord will stop the wind for a period of time.  Thus, all wind power will cease during that interval.  Then, the wind resumes blowing. God will use it to hurt the earth, the sea and the trees [Rev 7:2-3].  God will take away the wicked with a whirlwind [Ps 58:9-10; Jer 23:19; Is 66:15]. This whirlwind will be like a TORNADO, snatching men and women here and there and destroying everything in its path.  God will be like a firestorm generating so much wind and destruction that the wind turbines will not be able to stand.

Solar power – Matt 24:29 – during the Tribulation, the sun is going to be darkened.  It’s going to be like night in the daytime, as it was in Egypt during the ninth plague [Ex 10:21-23].  Rev 6:12 says that the sun will be “black as sackcloth of hair.”  There will be no passive or active solar energy available.  The sun won’t be shining.

Hydro power – Rev 11:6 – the two witnesses are going to prophecy for 42 months during the Tribulation [Rev 11:2].  And in the days of their prophecy, they will “have power to shut heaven, that it rain not.”  Hydropower requires water to move through the turbines in order to generate energy.  When the rain stops for three and a half years, like Elijah stopped it during the reign of Ahab [Jas 5:17], hydropower, in many smaller rivers, is going to be be exhausted.  There won’t be any water moving, because there won’t be any water.

Bioenergy – in order to have bioenergy, you need biological material.  With no rain, there will be a drought.  And when there is a drought, there will be no crop production.  That is, there won’t be any soybeans and corn for biofuel.  This drought will be just like Hag 1:10-11.  Lk 21:11 says that there will be famines.  

Conclusion: You see, these energy sources are only renewable, inexhaustible, secure, and sustainable because God provides what’s necessary for them to be available to us.  Many of those who are so in favor of renewable energy are also strongly opposed to God.  They believe in natural processes and not in God our Creator.  When God withholds the rain, darkens the sun, stops the wind, and then brings the whirlwind, they are going to see that none of these sources of energy are possible without the Creator of energy who is God himself.  When all this hell breaks loose on earth, they are going to wish that they had not turned their backs on God [Prov 1:24-33].