Evidence of a Spirit Filled Life, Acts 4:8-13

Evidence of a Spirit Filled Life Acts 4:8-13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson deals with the evidence of a Spirit filled life.  Being filled with the Spirit is evidenced by:

Scriptural Words – when you have a Spirit filled life, you will speak as the oracles of God.  You won’t just be talking about sports, shopping, hunting, grandkids, and the like.  You will be used by the Spirit of God to preach to others about Jesus Christ.  In Acts 2:4 the Apostles preached to Jews in 16 different languages.  In Acts 4:8-13, 4:31 Peter and the Apostles preached the word of God boldly.  In Lk 1:41-42 Elisabeth praised the Lord with scripture.  In Lk 1:67-79 Zacharias prophesied with scripture.  In Num 11:25, 70 elders prophesied by the Spirit.  Even Balaam in Num 24:2-9 prophesied by the Spirit as did Saul in 1 Sam 10:6-10.

2 Pet 1:21 says that holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.  A good example of this is David in 2 Sam 23:1-7.  So, when you are filled with the Spirit you will love the scripture and the Holy Spirit will use the scripture in you to speak to others about the Lord and his word.

Successful Warfare – in the Old Testament we see several men who were successful in battle because the Spirit of God was on them.  Notice: Othniel, Jud 3:10; Gideon, Jud 6:34; Jephthah, Jud 11:29; Samson, Jud 13:25, 14:6, 19, 15:14; Saul, 1 Sam 11:6-11.  So, when you are filled with the Spirit you are going to see victory in spiritual warfare, particularly against sin.  Though we will never have sinless perfection until glory, we can win some battles through the Spirit that we could have never won in the flesh.  See Eph 5:18, 6:17; Gal 5:16-17; and Rom 8:13.

Supernatural Works – God has a work for each of us to do and the Spirit of God is the one who gives us the supernatural ability to do good works for the Lord.  Notice these men who accomplished special work through the Spirit of God: Bezaleel and Aholiab, Ex 31:2-11, 35:30-35; those who made Aaron’s garments, Ex 28:3; David, 1 Sam 16:13, 18; Jesus, Matt 12:28; Paul, Acts 13:9-11. You cannot do God’s work God’s way without God’s Spirit.

Spiritual Wisdom – God gives us wisdom when we are filled with the Spirit of God.  The evidence of the Spirit’s wisdom in the lives of these men was seen by others: Bezaleel and Aholiab [see references above]; Joshua, Deut 34:9; Stephen, Acts 6:2, 5, 8, 10; Joseph, Gen 41:38-39; Daniel, Dan 5:11-12.  You will know that you are filled with the Spirit of God when you see his wisdom in your life.

Submissive Willingness – when a man is filled with the Spirit of God he is submissive to the will of God and willing to do whatever God leads him to do.  Two excellent examples are these: Joshua’s willingness to lead Israel, Num 27:18-23; Saul’s willingness to obey God and submit to preach the gospel even though doing so would cause him to suffer, Acts 9:17-20.  The Holy Spirit will give you the willingness to submit completely to God’s will.

Spirit-led Whereabouts [Divine Appointments] – when you are filled with the Spirit, the Lord regularly arranges for you to be right where he wants you to be for a divine appointment with someone.  Or he may lead you away from a place he doesn’t want you to be.  Notice these examples: Elijah, 1 Ki 18:12; Jesus, Matt 4:1; Philip, Acts 8:29, 39-40; Peter, Acts 10:19, 11:12; Paul and Timothy, Acts 16:7.

Conclusion: people are often confused about the evidence of a Spirit filled life.  By searching the scripture you have seen six different things, apart from the fruit of the Spirit, that give evidence of a Spirit filled life.  If you don’t see these things in your life, then you are not as filled with the Spirit as you might think you are or as much as you would like to be.  Humble yourself before the Lord and ask him to fill you with his Spirit.  Saturate your heart and mind with the scriptures.  Empty yourself of self and sin.  The Spirit will fill you and will produce this evidence in your life.