The Holy Ghost in You Rom. 8:16

The Holy Ghost in You Rom. 8:16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you get saved, you have the Holy Ghost in you.  There are several things he does in you.  We’ll deal with a few of the more important ones.  The Holy Ghost in you:

Assures you – Rom 8:16 – he assures you that when you have trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior you are truly and fully saved.  He seals you in Christ so that you can never lose your salvation [Eph 1:13].  This is very important to remember when you are coming out of a backslidden life.

Sanctifies you – 2 Thes 2:13 – that is he cleans you up so that you are not what you were before you were saved [1 Cor 6:11].  No matter how rough you were in the world, the Holy Ghost in you cleans you up and makes a brand new creature out of you.  He makes you useable.

Teaches you – Jn 14:26 – the very best teacher in the universe is the Spirit of God.  You don’t need to rely upon commentaries and books to understand the Bible.  The Holy Ghost in you guides you into all truth [Jn 16:13].  If an author or preacher is being used by God to teach you the truth, the Spirit of God is using him to help teach you.  But, brethren, there are many men who are not teaching the truth of God because the Spirit of God is not using them.  The Spirit is the one who reveals the truth in the Bible [1 Cor 2:10].  And when he teaches you, he will also remind you when you need to remember what he said [Jn 14:26].

Intercedes for you – Rom 8:26-27 – the Spirit of God is God and knows God’s will.  When you yield to him in prayer, he will help you pray in a way that makes your prayers effectual, because he intercedes according to the will of God.  Don’t rush your prayers.  Commune with the Holy Ghost in you and he will help you pray.

Fills you – Eph 5:18 Acts 4:31 – the Holy Ghost in you desires to fill every capacity of your being.  He wants all your mind, all your heart, all your affection.  He desires to fill your mouth, your hands, your feet, your ears, your entire being.  And then he wants to lead you [Rom 8:14].  When he fills your being and guides your steps, you can truly walk in Spirit [Gal 5:16-18].  Therein is victory.

Bears fruit in you – Gal 5:22-23 – through him the love of God is shed abroad in your heart [Rom 5:5].  You don’t need to worry about looking like a loving Christian.  The Holy Spirit is in you and he will make you a loving Christian.  And your love will be real and lasting and abounding!!  Yield to his work and life in you and you will see the Holy Spirit in you bear fruit like you could never bear without him.

Glorifies God through you – Jn 16:14 – the Holy Spirit always glorifies the Lord.  And he will glorify God in you.  You will say, “Jesus is THE Lord,” [1 Cor 12:3], which is exactly what he needs to be if you want to live a life pleasing to God and full of joy.  You will be able to glorify God because of the Holy Ghost in you [1 Cor 6:19-20].  There’s no other way to glorify God.

Conclusion: Hopefully, through this lesson, you will have a greater appreciation for the work of the Holy Ghost in you.  Commune with him in your Bible reading and prayer and ask God to fill you with his Spirit.  You will be amazed with what he does in you that you could never do for yourself.