Be Of Good Cheer, Matt 9:2

Be Of Good Cheer Matt 9:2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Five times the Bible tells us to be of good cheer.  These five references are situated in the context of men dealing with difficulties.  Therefore, we can be encouraged to be of good cheer when we face difficult circumstances in our lives.  Be of good cheer because of:

God’s pardon – Matt 9:2 – the man sick with the palsy was a sinner who needed forgiveness.  And when he came to the Lord he received forgiveness and health.  Be of good cheer when you come to the Lord seeking forgiveness; he will always forgive you [1 Jn 1:9].  And like this man sick with the palsy, you can get up and walk away from your past because of God’s pardon.

God’s presence – Matt 14:27 – the disciples were caught in an all-night storm and were frightened when they saw Jesus.  They thought they were seeing a spirit.  When you find yourself in the midst of a storm in your life, remember that the Lord is right there with you and that you would be wise to put your attention on him rather than the storm.

God’s peace – Jn 16:33 – in the world there is tribulation.  And there is going to be more and more tribulation as we get closer to the Lord’s return.  Be of good cheer because the Lord’s peace will keep you during tribulation and distress in your life.

God’s providence – Acts 23:11 – in spite of how uncertain your future may appear, God has a plan for your life and it is his providential care that will cause him to fulfill his plan for your life as you depend upon him.  The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.

God’s promises – Acts 27:22, 25 – you can count on the promises of the Lord found in the Bible.  When you are going through a difficulty in your life, remember, for instance, that Rom 8:28 is absolutely true.

Conclusion:  I pray that this broadcast has convinced you to be of good cheer no matter what you are going through right now.