To Young Ladies, Titus 2:4-5

To Young Ladies Titus 2:4-5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This is a sermon directly to young ladies and the parents of young ladies.  This lesson ought to be taught by the aged women according to Titus 2.  However, these days it seems that the aged women need to be taught the same lesson.  So, we will teach it.

Young ladies need to be taught how to:

Be sober – to be sober is to be restrained in appetites, in appearance and in behavior, grave, unpretentious, temperate.  Young ladies need to be taught to be sober; they don’t come by this naturally.  They must be able to observe this behavior in you [v.2].  If they’re not taught to control their appetites when they are younger they will give in to their lusts when they are teens.

Love their husbands – loving a husband, then, is not to be confused with natural attraction and affection.  A girl may be naturally attracted to a young man but she must be taught how to love him.  If you do not demonstrate Biblical love for your husband you will never be able to teach this to your daughter.

Love their children – again, a woman who bears a child will have a natural affection toward that child, for a while, anyway.  But she must learn how to love him; and she must be taught to do this.  Your love for your children is going to influence your daughter more than anything you and the preacher ever say.  Remember your daughter will be the mother of your grandchildren.

Be discreet – young ladies today are particularly deficient in discretion.  They must be taught wisdom, understanding and knowledge so that they can learn to be discreet.  They will never learn discretion from the internet, the television, the movie theatre, or the classroom.  You must teach them and keep them away from these influences as much as possible.

Be chaste – young ladies who emulate the current fashion trends will be immodest since the trends are increasingly immodest over time.  They must be taught modesty and chastity.  Therefore, you must be chaste and modest.  You must help them learn proper behavior, etiquette, and dress.

Be keepers at home – young ladies do not understand house keeping.  They must learn this by helping in the home and by doing chores.  The more you give them to do the better they will keep their own homes.

Be good – young ladies today seem to like “bad.”  It is amazing how they fall prey to the worst young men.  Being good is not natural.  Therefore, you must teach them how to be good.

Be obedient to their own husbands – one of the main reasons for divorce is that young ladies don’t obey their own husbands.  The word “obey” is often no longer a part of the wedding vows.  Women who don’t learn to obey their fathers will never be comfortable obeying their husbands.

Conclusion: Young ladies need to be taught these things so that the word of God is not blasphemed.  Young Christian ladies living contrary to these things blaspheme the word of God.