Are You Idolatrous? Is 48:11

I Will Not Give My Glory unto Another Is 48:11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Lord God said, I will not give my glory unto another.  He said this in the midst of a passage dealing with the vanity and foolishness of idolatry.  There are many “professing” Christians today who are idolatrous and don’t even realize it.  So, in this broadcast, we are going to expose their idolatry in hopes of being able to convince them to turn from it.

You are idolatrous if:

Your worship of God includes images – Is 44:9-11 – these images include statues in or out of church, crucifixes, pictures, rosaries, scapulars, medals and the like.  In many places, these statues are venerated and people make pilgrimages to see them and touch them if they can.  Such places are Medjugorje, Fatima, Guadalupe, etc.  There is a spirit associated with these statues and articles.  People often report supernatural occurrences around them and attribute supernatural blessings to them.  These are not God.  They are all lifeless objects [Ps 115:4-8].

Your worship of God induces superstition – Acts 17:22 – idolatrous people associate their blessings in life with the proper recognition of or homage to some representation of God on earth.  They may have an altar or statue at home that they bow before or kiss or rub.  They may have a picture, rosary or statue in their automobile that they acknowledge or touch or pray to.  They may make the sign of the cross before or after a sporting event or play.  These are all done believing that God will bless them as a result of this thing they have or do.  They are aware that if they don’t acknowledge, touch, kiss, or pray to this thing or if they don’t make the sign of the cross something bad may happen to them.  These are superstitions.

Your worship of God inspires covetousness – Eph 5:5 – covetousness is idolatry according to Col 3:5 and there are many professing Christians whose concept of God is so closely connected to possessions and money that they can’t tell one from the other.  Rev 3:17 describes such a person who loves money [1 Tim 6:10].  Prosperity preaching is idolatrous.  Many of the big name preachers are covetous and thus idolatrous; and many of those who follow them are likewise idolatrous.  Remember that Jesus told us that a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth [Lk 12:15].

Conclusion: Images, superstition and covetousness are the tell-tale signs of idolatry.  If you are honest with God and find that any of these are in you then you are idolatrous and you must repent.  Get rid of the images [Acts 17:30].  Fear God and let go of the superstition.  Turn back to the Lord and away from money [Matt 6:24, Rev 3:19].  Don’t let money be your god.  The Lord is the true and only God and he will not give his glory unto another.