Ye Shall Be Hid, Zeph 2:1-3

Ye Shall Be Hid Zeph. 2:1-3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

At the Second Advent, the Lord is coming back in flaming fire and he is going to devour the “chaff” of the earth.  The Jews must be hid to survive his coming.  Before he comes, he begins to pour out his wrath on the earth while the Antichrist is fiercely attacking the Jews.  In this passage the Jews are warned to group up and pray to be hidden by the Lord.  If they don’t hide in him, they will be consumed in the Lord’s wrath, as well.  Now, understanding this verse helps us to tie other verses into this passage.  Also, we can make some sense out of some of the things in other books, like Psalms, for instance

When the abomination of desolation stands in the holy place the Jews are told to run [Matt 24:15-21].  But when they do they can’t take anything with them, so they are going to have to depend upon the Lord to feed them and protect them.  This will be just like the wilderness journey.  So, let’s check some cross references and see if we can put it all together.

In Matt 24 they flee – Matt 25:15-21

They seek the Lord – See Deut 4:29-31.  Ps 34:10 is David in exile running from Saul, a type of the Antichrist.  In Is 31:1, they will have to seek the Lord’s help rather than help from other nations.  The other nations, like Edom, will just turn on them and destroy them.  Or the Lord’s wrath against that nation will get them like he killed the Jews that went down to Egypt after Jeremiah told them to stay in Judah [Jer 42:19-20].

They humble themselves – They will be meek [Ps 22:26-28; Ps 76:8-9] because it is the meek that he will save.

The seek righteousness – which will lead them to the Lord, finally [Ps 24:1-7].

And as a result the Lord hides them – ye shall be hid [Ps 17:8-9; 17:13-15; 27:5].  The rock in which they hide is the rock city, Sela Petra [Ps 32:6-7; Is 32:1-2].