Why Do They Lie, Prov 12:19

Why Do They Lie Prov. 12:19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

They lie to deceive, to destroy and to kill.  In Gen 3:4 the devil lied to deceive, destroy and kill Adam and Eve.  In Jn 10:10 the thief stole the dominion over the earth from Adam and became the god of this world. In 1 Pet 5:8, the devil is the devourer.  In Rev 12:9 he is the deceiver.  In Jn 8:44 he is the liar.  He may use a lot of words that are true, but what he says is a lie.  4 of the 5 words he used to lie to Eve in Gen 3:4 were God’s words [Gen 2:17].  Only one word was his, but it made his whole statement a lie.

The devil is the deceiver.  When he professes to speak the truth, he is lying.  He appears as an angel of light, but he is the ruler of the darkness of this world [2 Cor 11:14; Eph 6:12; 2 Cor 4:4].  His spokesmen and spokeswomen profess peace, but they are for war [Ps 55:21; 1 Thes 5:1-3].  You think they want the world to be a better place.  What they want is a world without opposition to them.  Thus, they lie to deceive, to destroy and to kill those against them.

Here is a lie. Islam is a religion of peace.  There are many Muslims who love peace and are not violent.  But the religion is not a religion of peace.  It is deadly.  They use terror.  See how many times the word terror is used about nations in Ezek 32:22-30.  The method used to eliminate those who don’t go along with the antichrist is beheading [Rev 20:4].  Where have you seen that before?  They lie so that they can deceive, destroy and kill.

Here is a lie.  A two-state solution will bring peace in the Middle East.  The formation of a Palestinian State is Anti-Semitic.  According to Ps 83:1-8, the formation of the Palestinian State is a deception to destroy and kill Israel.  You have already heard at least one Arab national leader state this truth. Nevertheless, the lie continues to be told by politicians, the press and religious leaders.

Here is a lie.  Pray for world peace.  This lie is likewise told by political and religious leaders [for instance, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church].  Governmental leaders and humanitarian organizations say that improving education and economies will result in a peaceful end to violence.  Not so.  Dan 8:24-25 shows you that by peace the antichrist shall destroy many.  He uses violence [Ps 58:1-2, like you see in “peaceful” protests today]. The lie is to deceive, destroy and kill.

Conclusion: Don’t believe the lies.  Believe the truth. The truth is the word of God [Jn 17:17], which, unlike the lies, will be here forever [Matt 24:35; Ps 119:89].