What the Future Will Be, Ecc 1:9

You’re probably thinking about right now, “Where is all this heading?”  It’s heading right where God said it would head.  You might be asking, “Is there anything in the Bible that gives us an indication as to what the future will be?”  Yes, you can see some things in the Bible that are very clear about the future.  The future will be:

As the past – Ecc 1:9 – “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

To date, deaths attributable to the coronavirus are relatively small, compared to other diseases that have spread across the world.  Millions died in 541 from the Yersenia pestis bacteria, also known as the bubonic plague.  230,000 died in Constantinople alone.  In 1346, about one-third of Europe’s population died from an outbreak of the Yersenia pestis bacteria, known then as the Black Death.  In 1520, Spanish conquistadors brought smallpox to central Mexico, wiping out 40 percent of the native population.  Other plagues include the Great Plague of 1665, smallpox in America in 1775, a cholera pandemic in 1826 which took tens of thousands of lives, and the influenza pandemic in 1918 that caused between 20 and 100 million deaths at the end of WWI.  The world recovered from these to such an extent that, if their history hadn’t been recorded, you wouldn’t even know they had occurred.  We’ll get past this one.  Yet, there will be more diseases in the future.

As prophesied – Is 46:9-11 – “… I am God… declaring the end from the beginning… I will do all my pleasure… I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass…”

The world will recover from this coronavirus. We know this for certain because, following the rapture, during the Tribulation, there will be plagues unlike anything the world has ever seen [Matt 24:21-22].  Nevertheless, an innumerable multitude from every nation, kindred, people, and tongue will be raptured during the Tribulation [Rev 7:9-16].  These plagues and other disasters are so bad that the entire world population would be destroyed if the days weren’t shortened.  The worst is yet to come.  And it has all been foretold in the Bible.  Things will unfold exactly the way God said they will.  The coronavirus will not change God’s plan at all.

As expected – Lk 17:28-30 – “…they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded… even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.”

You know what people are worried about right now. Some are worried about catching the virus, of course, but I think more people are worried about their portfolios, their jobs, their bills, and so forth.  Many are probably more concerned about the economy than anything.  You know what else.  The economy is going to recover to some extent, if not to a greater extent.  Look at what’s going on right before Jesus returns.  They’re eating (restaurants will be open), they’re drinking (bars will be open), they’re planting (farmers will still be in business), they’re building (contractors will still be in business), they’re buying and selling.  They were doing all that back when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  They were doing that when Nehemiah repaired the wall.  They were doing that when Jesus cleansed the temple.  And they’ll be doing all that when Babylon the great falls in Rev 18:10-19.  What is that mark of the beast connected with anyway?  It’s connected with buying and selling [Rev 13:17].  It seems men always find a way to keep buying and selling.  Only there will be less privacy and more control with the antichrist. 

Conclusion: Do you have any idea what men will do about all this fear over the coronavirus? Nothing.  Nothing will change.  They’ll go right on doing what they have always done.  Take a look at Rev 9:20-21.  After all the horrible disasters following the opening of the seven seals and the sounding of six trumpets in the Tribulation, men are still worshipping devils and idols, committing murder, using sorceries, committing fornication, and stealing.  They don’t repent.  They don’t change.  You know what you should do.  

If you’re saved and this coronavirus has gotten your attention, you should get right with God and stay right with God.  And if you’re lost, you should get saved now, while the gettin’ is good.  What are you waiting for?  Things aren’t going to get better over time.  They are going to get worse.  And the worst thing that could happen to you is that you wind up in hell because you didn’t recognize a good deal when you saw it.  Jesus is the best deal this world has ever been offered.  And you can have him now if you will believe on him.  He’ll give you eternal life and all the wonderful benefits that go along with it, absolutely free of charge.  Don’t be a fool and pass this up.