Void of Understanding, Prov 7:7

Void of Understanding Prov. 7:7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Proverbs mentions the man void of understanding in Prov 7:7, 10:13, 12:11, 17:18, and 24:30.  We are going to study him today so that if you are a man void of understanding you will see yourself the way that God sees you so that you can change by his grace.  Also, if you know a man void of understanding, this message should help you better understand why he is the way he is.  A man void of understanding is:

Gullible when it comes to women – Prov 7:6-27 – a strange woman can trap him with ease because he believes what he sees and what he hears, not knowing that she is fixing to ruin him.  And really, it’s not her fault.  It’s his for being void of understanding.  So, how does he fix this problem?  You can’t fix it by removing all of the strange women.  He fixes the problem by getting understanding [Prov 4:7].

Incorrigible when it comes to correction – Prov 10:13 – you can’t reason with him.  The only thing he understands is a beating, if he understands that.  And today, it is highly unlikely that anyone would be able to apply the rod sufficiently without being in violation of the law.  So this poor fellow is going through life without instruction.  He won’t listen.  When your children are very young you can employ wise, Biblical correction with the rod [Prov 22:15] and help them to get understanding.  But when they are older, unless they are willing to repent and get understanding, there is no way to correct them.

Shiftless when it comes to work – Prov 12:11 – he’d rather party than work.  You can help him get job after job, but he won’t be able to hold down a job.  The first time one of his friends calls and invites him to party or skip work, he’ll be gone.  This is a common problem among fellows hooked on drugs.  They steal, sell some dope or whatever to get some money quickly.  But they will not be responsible and dependable enough to work a steady job.  They have no interest in work.  They would rather be idle.

Rash when it comes to obligating himself – Prov 17:18 – they’ll shake on a deal while their friend is still standing there and then they’ll be hung by their own words.  This is the man who cosigns for a dead beat, the kid who joins a gang, the man who backs his unreliable buddy and so forth.  What they don’t understand is that they are fixing to pay.  You need to understand whether you are trying to help a person who is really poor and in need or whether you are getting ready to be taken by a beggar.

Lazy when it comes to maintenance – Prov 24:30-34 – they see their house is falling down, their fence is rotting, their garden is growing over, their roof is leaking, their car is overdue for maintenance and they just let it go.  They are too lazy to maintain or fix what they own.  They just use it until it falls apart or quits.  They don’t take care of what they own and so nothing lasts.

Conclusion: If you are a young man void of understanding and you are not willing to change, you are in for a life of constant disappointment.  If you are a young man void of understanding and you are willing to change, then you can change by God’s grace starting now.  And you will have a satisfying, fruitful and productive life to which to look forward.