A Vessel Unto Honour, 2 Tim 2:20-21

A Vessel Unto Honour 2 Tim. 2:20-21 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Lord wants us each to be a vessel unto honour.  A vessel unto honour is a:

Separated Vessel – “purge himself from these.” He is to purge himself from profane and vain babblings [2 Tim 2:16] , false teachers and preachers [2 Tim 2:17], iniquity [2 Tim 2:19], and vessels of dishonor [2 Tim 2:20].

Satisfying Vessel – “he shall be a vessel unto honour.” The Lord should be pleased with the vessel just as he was pleased with his Son Jesus Christ [Matt 17:5; Jn 5:44].  The vessel brings the Lord honor in the same way that art brings honor to the artist.

Sanctified Vessel – “sanctified.” The vessel is cleaned up and kept clean so that he can be used by the Lord.  Unlike art we are not just sitting around as show pieces.  We are designed for use.

Special Vessel – “meet for the master’s use.”  The Lord fashions the vessel as he pleases so that he can use it in just the way that he intends.  For instance, you don’t want a hammer when what you need is a screwdriver.  The Lord has very specific things that he wants to do with each vessel.

Serviceable Vessel – “prepared unto every good work.” Serviceable means, “ready and willing to help; fit for use; useable to advantage, wearing well in use.”  A vessel unto honour, then, is a vessel that continues to be a vessel unto honour all through his life, as often and as long as the Lord desires to use him.

Conclusion: Make yourself available to the Lord to be a vessel unto honour meet for the master’s use.