Unsearchable Riches of Christ, Eph 3:8

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ Eph. 3:8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This verse says that the unsearchable riches of Christ are unsearchable; they are incapable of being explored.  You may hear people say, “God works in mysterious ways.”  What they mean is that you can’t figure God out.  You can’t really figure out his unsearchable riches.  However, the verse doesn’t say that his riches are unknowable.  You can know them.  They are found in the Bible.  What are the unsearchable riches of Christ? They are the riches of:

His goodness – Rom 2:4 – it is impossible to fathom the goodness of God.  He is good.  A preacher said to teens at a youth camp, “God is good.”  They replied, “God is good.”  That’s what they did every time he preached for them.  When his wife died, he returned to their youth camp and said, “God is good.”  They replied, “God is good.”  Then he said, “God is good all the time.”  And they replied, “God is good all the time.”  They were merely repeating what he said.  He, on the other hand, was professing what he knew to be true.  He didn’t know it by searching his goodness.  He knew it by experiencing his goodness.  You should stop and consider every way in which God has demonstrated his goodness to you.  You will be astounded.

His forbearance – Rom 2:4 – we ought to be dead.  God is just and holy and we are not.  We have done enough against his holiness that he should have destroyed us long ago.  But he didn’t.  That’s his forbearance.  And because he has had forbearance with us, we should have forbearance with others, likewise.

His longsuffering – Rom 2:4 – God has had to put up with a lot from us, anticipating that we will be worth the wait.  Look how longsuffering he was with Paul.  Paul was determined to destroy the church and God was determined that Paul would become its greatest apostle.  The longsuffering of God won out in time and Paul quit arresting Christians.  He started preaching Christ to the lost, instead.

His glory – Rom 9:23 – we will enter his glory and behold his glory one day.  We will be clothed with our glorified bodies then.

  • The glory of his inheritance – Eph 1:18 – if you could get a glimpse of how great the glory of his inheritance is, you would dedicate everything you could to your future inheritance. It is far and away better than you can imagine and it will be yours for eternity.
  • The glory of his indwelling – Col 1:27 – Jesus lives inside of you. When his glory filled the tabernacle, the priests could not minister because of his glory.  The same thing happened when Solomon dedicated the temple.  The same Lord that filled those buildings lives inside of us.  Glory!

His grace – Eph 1:7 – by his grace we are saved; by his grace we are strengthened.  The grace of God is limitless and powerful.  No matter what we need [Phil 4:19] God’s grace is sufficient to supply that need [2 Cor 12:9-10].

His mercy – Eph 2:4 – as the mercy seat covered the law in the ark, so God’s mercy covers every transgression against his righteous judgment.  We need his mercy and he freely gives it [Heb 4:16].  As he has had grace and mercy with us, we should likewise have grace and mercy with each other.

Conclusion: these are the unsearchable riches of Christ.  You are missing a huge blessing from the Lord if you are saved and you are not enjoying his unsearchable riches.