The Unjust Knoweth No Shame, Zeph 3:1-7

The Unjust Knoweth No Shame Zeph. 3:1-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Zeph 3:1-7 the Lord knows that the princes, judges, priests and prophets know better than to pollute themselves and the sanctuary and the city the way they have – but to chasten them he cut them off and wasted and destroyed them – and still they corrupted themselves – why – simple – the unjust knoweth no shame.

Look at Rev 9:20-21 or Rev 16:9-11, 19-21 – all they could think to do was to cuss God because they surely weren’t going to get right with him.  The unjust knoweth no shame.

Because the unjust know no shame look what they do:

They pollute the city – Zeph 3:1 – they are concerned about environmental pollution but what about moral pollution, emotional pollution, economic pollution, social pollution, educational pollution, religious pollution, governmental pollution, family pollution – and you cannot shame them out of these things – they are becoming more decadent all the time.

They obey not God – Zeph 3:2 – look around you and see who is concerned about obeying the words of God – few Christians and none of the heathen – if they feared God they would do what he says – but no fear, no obedience.

They receive not correction – Zeph 3:2 – to the point where God says I am just going to quit messing with them [tragic] – Is 1:4-6; 15.

They trust not in the Lord – Zeph 3:2 – if you are not going to trust him whom are you going to trust – he is the only one in the universe who is worthy of your trust – no one else has the power to take care of any of the least of the things you need – who is going to protect this country if not God – who is going to keep you well if not God – who is going to look after your children if not God – who is going to pay your bills and make your provisions if not God – who is going to give you breath if not God – and on and on – you rely upon someone other than God to do these things for you and you will be at a total loss – particularly if he decides to pull the plug on you.

They don’t draw near to God – Zeph 3:2 – God desires our fellowship and you aren’t going to fool him by making lip service because he knows what’s in your heart – Is 29:13; Matt 15:8-9.

They don’t fear him and they receive not instruction – Zeph 3:7 – when the Lord pounds you, Bubba, you’d better start shaking in your boots and straighten up [with fear and trembling] – he’s trying to get your attention – and if you are not intent on being unjust you’d better humble yourself, be ashamed of your doings and turn to him – his next move may be your last.