Under Authority, Heb 13:17

Authority Heb. 13:17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO of Under Authority

According to Heb 13:17 we are to obey them that have the rule over us, that they may do it with joy and not with grief.  It is a grief to have an unruly child, for instance.  We are under authority in our lives.  We are:

Under providential authority – Dan 7:27 the kingdoms will obey the authority of the most High.  In Matt 8:27, nature obeys God.  In Mk 1:27, unclean spirits obey God.  In Acts 5:29, we must obey God.  In the home [1 Cor 11:3] the proper order of authority is God – Christ – Man – Wife [Titus 2:5; 1 Pet 3:6].  Each must obey his proper authority.

Under Biblical authority – Ex 5:2 Pharaoh wouldn’t obey the voice of the Lord and, thus, he and his country were destroyed.  In Ex 19:5, Israel was promised blessings if they would obey the words of the Lord.  In Deut 11:27 there’s a blessing for obeying his words; and in Deut 11:28, a curse if not.  There are terrible consequences for disobeying God [1 Sam 15:20-24].  Victory over sin comes from obeying the form of doctrine [the truth], not sin [Rom 6:16-17].

Under parental authority – Deut 21:18-21.  In Eph 6:1-3 there are good consequences for obeying your parents (Jer 35:8-10; 18-19).  In Prov 30:17, there are bad consequences.  There is a major difference between authority and control.  Authority establishes the rule which the subjects must obey by submission to the authority.  If the subject won’t submit, then he should be corrected.  Control, on the other hand, takes submission out of the hands of the subject and runs his life rather than rules his life.  This exhausts the one who is trying to control and causes resentment in the one who is being controlled.

Some things to consider.  A child is under the authority of his parents until he is no longer subject to them [Lk 2:51]; that is, when he is the head of his own household.  18 is not the age at which he no longer must obey his parents.  If you have a very young child, who is not responding to correction under authority, consider these things.  Make sure that Mom and Dad are on the same page.  Often the child is confused because the commands are different.  Make sure that you are under your authority.  Often the husband is not obeying God or the wife is not obeying her husband.  Make sure that your commands are very clear and succinct.  Often the child doesn’t understand your command and expectation.  Make sure you are sufficiently and correctly enforcing your commands and chastening disobedience consistently.  Inconsistency is often the problem.  Or it may be that the child is rebellious.  This will be a grief to you.

Under spiritual authority – 1 Sam 8:19 Israel refused to obey the voice of Samuel.  Notice these spiritual authorities: Acts 7:37-39 Moses; Prov 5:13 teachers; Phil 2:12 Paul [2 Thes 3:10-14]; God has given you a pastor [Eph 4:11-16].

Under governmental authority – 1 Chr 29:23 Solomon; Titus 3:1 magistrates.

Under occupational authority – Col 3:22 obey your masters.  You will never be over those who are under you until you are under those who are over you.