Types of Spiritual Revival, 1 Sam 30:11-12

Types of Spiritual Revival 1 Sam. 30:11-12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are times when you need a spiritual revival.  From several Old Testament passages we are going to see some types of things that will revive you spiritually.  Notice these types of spiritual revival:

Bread and water revived the Egyptian – 1 Sam 30:11-12 – this pictures Jesus and the Spirit – Jesus is the bread of life Jn 6:47-48 he is totally satisfying Jn 6:35 – the Spirit is likened to water Jn 7:37-39 – what a lost man needs is to receive Jesus the bread of life and be filled with the Spirit so out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Honey revived Jonathan – 1 Sam 14:27 – this pictures the word of God – the word of God is likened to honey Ps 19:10, Ps 119:103 – the soldiers fighting with Jonathan were faint – Jonathan ate the honey and his eyes were enlightened – we need to eat the honey of the word to keep from becoming spiritually faint – we need our spiritual eyes enlightened by the words of God Eph 1:17-18.

Water revived Samson – Jud 15:19 – this pictures the Holy Spirit – Samson’s strength was depleted after fighting a battle against his enemies – our strength gets depleted after we have fought with our spiritual enemies – thus we need to be repeatedly filled with the Spirit Eph 5:18.

The sight of the wagons revived Jacob – Gen 45:27 – this pictures the rapture – Jacob knew that he was going to see Joseph – he hadn’t seen him yet, he just saw that Joseph had made provision for him to come to see him – we know that we are going to see Jesus 1 Thes 4:13-18 and though we haven’t seen him we rejoice at the reminder that we will see him soon 1 Pet 1:7-9 – we are revived when we sing hymns like “When We See Christ.”

Conclusion: you are prone to get “down” spiritually and this lesson shows you four remedies to this condition – get saved – read the Book – be filled with the Spirit – and start looking up – these four things will revive you like nothing else in life.