What to Do With The Truth

What to Do With the Truth?

John 18:33-38


In this passage Pilate is confronted with the truth. Jesus has been brought before him for judgment. He hears the truth and yet he says “What is truth?” As Bible believers we know that Jesus Christ is the truth [John 14:6] and that God’s words are truth [John 17:17]. Pilate didn’t know what to do with the truth. Let’s look at a few things the Bible shows us to do with the truth.

[3 John 1-4] John mentions two points about truth:

The truth should be in you


[John 16:13] The Holy Spirit resides in you to guide you into all truth

[John 14:26] He teaches you all things

[John 17:17] Through his word

[1Tim.6:5] Don’t be destitute of the truth


You should walk in the truth              (Four Steps)


You need to Know the Truth

  • [1Tim.2:4] God not only wants you to be saved but to come unto the knowledge of the truth. After salvation learning begins. You need to seek out the knowledge God has for you in the Bible.
  • [2Tim.3:7] You can be “ever learning” and never come to the knowledge of the truth. Education is wonderful but God’s truth is what counts. Be careful with self-help books, etc.


You need to Believe the Truth

  • [2Thes.2:13] part of your sanctification includes believing the truth.
  • It is one thing to know a fact, but it is something else to believe it to be true.


You need to Acknowledge the Truth

  • [Titus1:1] Acknowledging truth please God, godliness.
  • It doesn’t mean I must like it, God likes it.
  • Acknowledging means God, you’re right and I’m wrong.
  • Many of us will not be truthful with ourselves, so how can you possibly be truthful with God?
  • We justify our sin (I can’t help it) The Bible clearly states to spank your children, [Prov.13:24, 19:18, 22:15, 23:13-14] But because of our past experiences or education we choose to justify NOT doing what God says, the truth. The same goes for, dating unsaved people, speeding (or breaking any law) [Rom.13:1-3], our covetousness, lust, and pride. We justify all of the above, and thus don’t acknowledge the truth.
  • We call it something else ( fault, bad habit, flaw, disease, an accident), no it’s sin
  • We call :

Fornication – an affair

Bearing false witness (lie) – a fib

Stealing – repurposing

Pornography – art

  • [2Tim.2:25] if you ever want to get right with God, acknowledge the truth



You need to Manifest the Truth

  • [2Cor.4:2] This is when you start walking in the truth, is starts to show.
  • [3John 1:12] The truth it’s self will bear witness in your life.


[Ps.140:23-24] Why don’t you stop and ask the Lord to show you the lack of truth in your life.    Acknowledge the truth and start today to walk in the truth.