Thy Word is Settled, Ps 119:89

Thy Word is Settled Ps. 119:89  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

About God’s words, Ps 119 says, thy word is settled in heaven, it is true from the beginning, it is pure, and it is a lamp and a light.  From the verses containing these statements we learn some wonderful things about the words of God.  We learn that they are:

The unalterable words of God – Psalm 119:89 – “For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.”  The Bible’s own testimony is that the words of God are settled in heaven forever.  God’s words were settled in heaven before they were ever spoken by men [2 Pet 1:21].  They were settled in heaven before they were ever written by God or by men directed by God to write [Ex 34:1, 27].  And they are still settled to this day.  That’s why we can say, “God said it that settles it.”

Now, because God’s words are settled they are not to be altered in anyway [Ps 89:34].  Deut 4:2 forbids adding to or diminishing from the word.  Prov 30:5-6 prohibits adding to his words.  Rev 22:18-19 forbids adding to or taking away from the words of this book. Yet, for millennia men have attempted to corrupt God’s words [2 Cor 2:17]. When they do, their additions and deletions are no longer God’s words. They are men’s words [1 Cor 2:4-5].  And men’s words are not effectual like God’s words, when God’s words are believed [1 Thes 2:13].  That’s what’s wrong with all of these modern translations of the Bible.  They have been corrupted by the additions and deletions of men.  Thus they are not powerful like God’s words in the King James Bible.

The infallible words of God – Psalm 119:160 – “Thy word is true from the beginning…”  There is not one error in God’s words.  There never has been and there never will be.  This is one of the greatest testimonies to the fact that the King James Bible is the word of God.  It has no errors in it.  No errors of history, geography, or science, no errors of translation, and no contradictions.  It is infallible.  The supposed contradictions in this book are all reconcilable.  They are left in there to give you more information when the Lord reveals the answer in the supplemental accounts as you study [2 Tim 2:15].  And they are also in there to trip up skeptics, sluggards and unbelievers.

The eternal words of God – Ps 119:160 – “… and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.”  The words of God are forever.  Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away,” [Matt 24:35].  Peter said, “… the word of the Lord endureth for ever.”  You know what that means.  When you and everything you see around you are gone, God’s words will still be here.  That’s why you get eternal life from the words of God [1 Pet 1:23].  That’s why the word of God is “better… than thousands of gold and silver,” [Ps 119:72].  If you want to occupy your time with something meaningful, occupy your time with the words of God.  Read these words so that you will be filled with the knowledge of God.  Believe these words so that they will be effectual in your life.  Live by these words so that you will have abundant spiritual life.  Preach these words to others so they will be saved.  Teach these words to others so they will grow.  Love these words and the God of these words with all of your heart.

The undefiled words of God – Psalm 119:140 – “Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.”  These words are pure words and they are preserved words [Ps 12:6-7].  The words of the King James Bible are God’s HOLY words.  This is a HOLY Bible.  The more you read it, study it, live it and obey it, the holier these words make you become [Rom 6:17, 22].  Let this Bible permeate your mind and your heart.  It will change your life.  Men who sit in judgment of these words may be good men and they may be scholarly men and they may even be godly men but they are hypocritical men [Mk 7:6-7].  They defile the words of God with men’s words. Don’t let them defile you.

The luminous words of God – Psalm 119:105 – “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  You need light to live physically and you need light to live spiritually.  Spiritual light comes from the words of God.  “The entrance of thy words giveth light,” [Ps 119:130].  These words will show you where to put your next step down in the well-lit path of God’s will for your life.  You cannot fully and successfully live the Christian life apart from this book.  A Christian walking in darkness will stumble every time.

Conclusion:  Just look at the apostasy in society and in the church that has occurred during the same time as the proliferation of so many corrupted modern bibles.  I believe that much of the apostasy has resulted from neglecting and disobeying the words of God.  But I also believe that the defilement of the words of God has been the most significant contributing factor in the falling away of the church.  So, stick with the unalterable, infallible, eternal, undefiled and luminous words of God in your King James Bible.