Things to Forsake, Ps 37:8

Things to Forsake Ps. 37:8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the Bible there are some things that we are specifically told to forsake.  And there are some things that we should not forsake.  Some things to forsake.  Forsake:

Wrath and anger – Ps 37:8 we are to forsake wrath and cease from anger.  There is nothing good that comes from blowing your stack.  Jas 1:20 says, “the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.”

Foolish companions – Prov 9:6 we are to forsake the foolish and live.  The companion of fools shall be destroyed.  Get rid of bad companions.

Your sins – Prov 28:13 we are to forsake our sins after we have confessed them.  Don’t ride the merry-go-round of sinning and confessing.  Once you have acknowledged a sin in your life, don’t let it have dominion over you [Rom 6:11-14].

Your wicked ways – Is 55:7 you are to forsake your wicked way.  If you are lost, seek the Lord [Is 55:6] and if you are saved and you have been in a wicked way of backsliding, then return to the Lord.

Anything between you and God – Matt 19:29 we are to forsake those things that hinder our discipleship.  The disciples forsook all and followed the Lord.

Some things not to forsake.  Don’t forsake:

The Lord – Joshua 24:20 don’t forsake the Lord.  Often children grow up and stray away from the Lord.  Don’t do that.  Nothing good comes from turning your back on the Lord to follow your own way.  You may not see it as wicked but the Lord does because your way runs contrary to his.

Wisdom – Prov 4:6 don’t forsake wisdom.  Wisdom is profitable to direct [Ecc 10:10].  Wisdom will guide you at all times if you don’t forsake her.

Parental instruction – Prov 6:20 don’t forsake the law of thy mother.  Your parents may not seem smart to you but their commands and instructions are worthy of your obedience.  One day you will cherish their instructions.

Going to church – Heb 10:25 don’t forsake assembling together.  Too many people skip church these days.  Get into a good Bible believing, Bible preaching church and be faithful.

Conclusion: forsake the things you should forsake and don’t forsake the things you shouldn’t.