They Shall Part Alike, 1 Sam 30:24

They Shall Part Alike 1 Sam.30:24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This is a great passage of scripture that will encourage you to participate anyway that you possibly can in the Lord’s work.

400 of David’s men fought to recover what had been stolen from Ziklag and 200 of them stayed by the stuff.  Certain of the men who fought with David wanted those who stayed by the stuff to only get back what they had lost in the defeat of Ziklag.  David wanted them to receive their part of the spoil as if they had fought in the war to defeat the Amalekites who had robbed them and burned their city.

You may not be able to preach but you can support the preacher.  You may not be able to go to the mission field but you can support the missionary.  You may not be able to build the buildings but you can give.  You didn’t die on the cross but you can give the gospel.  And in each case, when God rewards those who preached, went, built and, as in the case of his Son, died on the cross, he will reward you out of his rewards and their rewards for helping out!  Look at Rom8:17.

It’s the same principle that applies to the function of your body.  Your feet can’t handle the fork [ordinarily] but they are nourished by the same food that the hand places in the mouth.  They do different functions but they benefit from the same nourishment.  And they are rewarded with the same rest.

Do everything you can to make the reward for the Lord Jesus Christ as large as possible and you will be blessed with a larger portion of the share.  This principle explains why you reign with him in the millennium, why you are rewarded at the judgment seat of Christ, and why you should be interested in the eternal blessings.  These are for him and they are shared with you.  Listen, Jesus died and rose again that we might be saved but Rom 10:14-15 said that in order for people to know that, you need to tell them.  And so, Jesus shares the reward with you.

You can give, pray, teach, help, work the nursery or sing in the choir and share in the reward for the souls that are saved in the ministry.  Praying Hyde helped a revival preached by J. Wilbur Chapman.  Do you think that Bro. Chapman is the only one who will be rewarded for the souls saved in that revival?  Spurgeon had 400 men and women praying for him under his platform whenever he preached.  Do you think that Spurgeon is the only one who will be rewarded for the work God did in the tabernacle?

Do your part in the work of God.  It’s not the big name workers and preachers who only get the reward; it’s you, too.  Remember the widow and her two mites!