They Frame Mischief by a Law, Ps 94:20

They Frame Mischief by a Law Ps. 94:20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are two ways to frame mischief by a law.  Legislatively, you can make the law thus legalizing sin, or judicially, you can declare a law unconstitutional.  In Ps 94:20 we find that the throne is taken over by the wicked and it becomes the throne of iniquity.  Once the wicked are in the throne of iniquity, they frame mischief by a law.  That is they use the seat of authority to pass legislation that legalizes sin.  We can find cases of this in the Bible.  From these we see that history repeats itself in that the “the throne of iniquity” is used to frame mischief by a law today, as well.

Look how the wicked frame mischief by a law to advance their iniquity and condemn the righteous:

In Babylon – Nebuchadnezzar instituted a state religion and demanded the worship of his image.  Those who opposed were threatened with death, Dan 3.  The same thing will happen again in Rev 13 when the “mystery of iniquity” shows up [2 Thes 2].

Among the Pharisees – the Pharisees forbad the apostles to preach in the name of Jesus Christ in Acts 4 and 5.  Today we have a ban on the freedom of speech in governmental public places where it is illegal to pray in the name of Jesus Christ [like in the military or at a public school football game].  The Communists in Belgium imprisoned Haralan Popov for 13 years on charges of treason for preaching the gospel.  In Romania Richard Wurmbrand was imprisoned for preaching that communism and Christianity were incompatible.

Pharaoh – Pharaoh ordered the midwives to kill babies in Ex 1 as soon as they were born.  Partial birth abortion is the same thing.

Pharaoh – Imprisonment without due process.  Joseph was imprisoned without a trial, Gen 39:20.  We’re beginning to see evidence of this in America now.

Caesar – under Caesar, Pilate was a weak governor and he caved in to mob rule when the Pharisees cried, “By our law he should die”.  They stirred up the people to demand that Jesus be crucified.  Jn 19:7.  Even though Pilate found “no fault” in him, Pilate ordered the death of an innocent man to appease the demands of the crowd.  Watch for the media to keep the crowd stirred up.

In Babylon – under Darius, the presidents decreed a ban on prayer.  It was unlawful for Daniel to pray to God, Dan 6:7, 10.

Caesar – Caesar instituted worldwide taxation.  Watch for a UN tax under the Antichrist, Lk 2:1; Dan 11:20.

From India to Ethiopia – Genocide.  Haman [second in command under the king] in Est 3:8-11, 13 decreed the destruction of all the Jews in the entire 127 provinces under Ahasuerus’ rule.  Hitler did the same thing.  Between 1933 and 1939 there were 28 anti-Semitic laws passed in Germany requiring anything from the expulsion of Jewish children from public schools to the surrender of precious metals and stones in Jewish ownership.  The Antichrist will be the next one to try to destroy the entire nation of Israel [Ps 83].

Now, in the United States you see same sex marriage, legalized marijuana and soon you will see:

  • Price and market fixing – Rev 6:6.
  • A Global currency – Rev 13:16-18 mark of beast.

Conclusion: They have used the law against the innocent in the past and they will use the law against us in the future.  Be law abiding [honour the king] but don’t look to the law to be your refuge.  The throne of iniquity will be cut off when the Lord brings their iniquity upon their head.  They gather against the righteous and condemn innocent blood.  Our only defense in times like these is the Lord!!