The Virtuous Woman, Prov 31:10-31

This week, we have been studying the women in the Book of Proverbs.  Today is the final broadcast in this series.  We are going to study the remaining women mentioned in Solomon’s proverbs.  They are the virtuous woman, the God-fearing woman, the wise woman and the gracious woman.  These fit together as a unit very well, because a virtuous woman will be God-fearing, wise and gracious.  The virtuous woman is:

A virtuous woman – Prov 31:10-31 – she is a crown to her husband.  She is like a queen with her king.  “Her price is far above rubies,” [Prov 31:10].  She is described in detail in Prov 31:10-31.  She is priceless [Prov 12:4], trustworthy, good, industrious, diligent, prudent, strong, resourceful, charitable, prepared, wise, honorable, kind, blessed, praise-worthy, and excellent.

A God-fearing woman – Prov 31:30 – she is the best.  She is a virtuous woman.  And she is hard to find [Ecc 7:27-28].  Because of her fear of God, she will not be like the women of the world.  She may not be perfect, but she is righteous and even with her faults she will be godly.  The fear of God is lacking among young Christians today.  With the advent of social media, the need for acceptance from peers is probably greater than it has ever been.  A desire to be accepted by your peers is nothing more than the fear of man.  The God-fearing woman does not fear men, because she fears God above all else.  

A wise woman – Prov 14:1, Prov 31:26 – she builds her house [Ps 127:1].  In her home you will find a well-read Bible, a prayer “closet” where she prays, nourishing food, clean linens and clothes, good manners, proper authority, discipline, beneficial instruction, hospitality, love, and so forth.  Her children aren’t reared by television and video games.  Because she is wise, you know that she is a wonderful keeper at home [Titus 2:5].

A gracious woman – Prov 11:16 – this woman retains her honor [1 Pet 3:5-7].  She is holy, she trusts God, and she is obedient to her husband.  She marries a good man, who will honor her and to whom she is pleased to submit.

Conclusion:  Any woman can become a virtuous woman if she will submit herself to God and seek his will and pleasure.  Rahab certainly changed, as did Mary Magdalene.  Thank God that, even if you got off to a bad start, God can give you virtue [2 Pet 1:4-5].

If you are a man and you aren’t married, look for a God-fearing, virtuous woman.  According to Prov 31:30, you’d better consider her fear of God before you consider her beauty.  If you are an unmarried woman, you’d better hold out for a man who will honor your virtue and fear of God.  You’re better of wanting what you don’t have than having what you don’t want.