The Sinners’ Delight, Ps 62:4

These are the things in which sinners delight.  We’re studying these in their chronological order as they appear in the Bible.  The Sinners’ delight is in

Lies – Ps 62:4 – Jer 6:10 they have no delight in the word of the Lord.  Jer 5:30-31 they would rather hear someone lie to them and feel good about it than they would hear someone proclaim the truth and get right with God.  According to Ps 4:2 they seek after lies. That’s what they want to hear.  That’s not what the saints of God want to heat.  We abhor lying and love the words of God [Ps 119:163].

War – Ps 68:30 – According to Ps 55:21 they talk of peace but war is in their heart.  That’s why people will be so surprised in the future.  The talk will be of peace and safety.  But sudden destruction is coming, instead [1 Thes 5:3].  The United Nations was set up to put an end to war.  There’s been more fighting since this organization was formed than ever before.  And the worst wars are yet to come [Rev 6:8; Rev 9:14-16; Rev 16:14-16].

Cursing – Ps 109:17 – not blessing.  Cursing is in their daily conversations, their movies, their books, their jokes, their businesses, their factories, their job sites, and so forth.  They curse God, they curse his Son, they curse his children, they curse each other, they curse drivers, coworkers, relatives, neighbors, officials, peace officers, judges, politicians… everyone and everything.  Cursing is as natural as breathing air. Thankfully, “the curse causeless shall not come,” [Prov 26:2].  Otherwise, there would be nothing left in the universe; they’ve cursed it all.

Scorning – Prov 1:22 – scorners delight in their scorning.  Scorn is open dislike and disrespect or derision often mixed with indignation.  Watch the news; you see this everyday.  They scorn God, they scorn justice, they scorn truth, they scorn wisdom, they scorn the president, they scorn their teachers, they scorn their parents, they scorn righteousness, they scorn the law.  Prov 28:4 says, “They that forsake the law praise the wicked.”  And that’s what you see today.

Frowardness – Prov 2:14 – a froward person is habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition.  The Bible says that the dog returns to his vomit; the sow returns to her wallowing in the mire.  I know a young man in prison for possessing and distributing drugs.  He has served multiple sentences through numerous incarcerations.  Yet, he is determined that when the gets out, he’ll just do the same things again.  Sinners are like that.  Drunks keep getting drunk, dope-heads keep getting high, thieves keep stealing, cheaters keep cheating, adulterers keep committing adultery, fornicators keep fornicating, and on and on it goes because sinners delight in frowardness.  

Abominations – Is 66:3 – They love abominations.  They delight in everything that God calls abominable; everything that God hates, they love.  They pay money to watch every abominable thing displayed in movies.  Everything Hollywood sells is in violation of the ten commandments.  Have you ever thought about that?  God says thou shalt not and sinners say we shall.  And they do.  

Conclusion: if you have ever wondered why the world is in the mess it’s in today, you can point to one thing… sin.  And sinners love sin.  They delight in the very things that destroy them.  And since they hate God, there is no hope whatsoever that things will change for the better.  A sinner must be saved to see that kind of change in his or her life.  If you are ready to turn from lies, war, cursing, scorning, frowardness, and abominations, turn to Jesus.  He’ll fix you up.