The Servants of Corruption, 2 Pet 2:19

The Servants of Corruption 2 Pet. 2:19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Today, we find people touting all kinds of liberties both in society and in church – these are basically liberties to sin – the people flaunting their liberty to commit these sins want you to think that they are free to do whatever they want – what they don’t know and what you need to know is that they are not free – they are the servants of corruption.

The servants of corruption are:

Living in error – 2 Pet 2:18 – they think they are right but they are wrong – this is the error of the wicked [2 Pet 3:17] – and they are misled by a spirit of error [1 Jn 4:6] – they are the ones who call good evil and evil good [Is 5:20] – but they are wrong – as in the time of the Judges, “every man did that which was right in his own eyes,” [Jud 17:6].

Overcome by their lusts – 2 Pet 2:19 – we who are saved and living for the Lord have lusts in us but we are not overcome by them – by the presence of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit and by the grace of God in us we overcome these lusts [1 Jn 4:4, 5:4] – we must be temperate and keep the body in subjection [1 Cor 9:25-27] – our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost – the servants of corruption have nothing in them to control their lusts and so they give in and are overcome by them.

In bondage to sin – 2 Pet 2:19 – a chain has been slipped over their ankles – a snare has them captive [2 Tim 2:26] – and they don’t even realize it [Jn 8:32-36] – Jesus is the only one who can release them and they don’t want anything to do with Jesus [2 Pet 2:20; Rom 1:28] – consequently the servants are in bondage to sin.

Entangled in the pollutions of the world – 2 Pet 2:20 – the best the world can produce is polluted compared to the purity and holiness of the Lord – in the Old Testament, the priests couldn’t even offer on an altar whose stones had been cut by men for it would be polluted [Ex 20:25] – people who live in polluted areas just get used to the pollution – if you ever get away from the pollution for a while to enjoy fresh air, you can really tell how polluted your city is when you return – the trouble with the servants of corruption is that they can’t get away from it – they are entangled.

Turned away from the holy commandment – 2 Pet 2:21 – showing them what the Bible says about their sin isn’t going to turn them until they turn toward the Holy Bible, read the commandments for themselves and believe them – if they would ever believe on the Lord Jesus Christ [2 Pet 2:20], they would be saved and freed [Jn 8:36].

Wallowing in the mire – 2 Pet 2:22 – pigs are much happier in the mud than they are on the clean, dry ground – likewise, the servants of corruption like the filth [vomit, 2 Pet 2:22] of their defiled lives – we who are saved can’t stand the filth in which they live.

Conclusion: the servants of corruption will reap corruption [Gal 6:8] and an eternity in the lake of fire if they do not repent and free themselves from the bondage of their sins [Prov 5:22-23].