The Renewing of Your Mind

The Renewing of Your Mind


If you ever want to find God’s perfect will, you must renew your mind. Change your thinking. When you got saved you were given the mind of Christ [1 Cor.2:16], are you using it, or are you still using your old man’s mind? The world will tell you “you can do anything you put your mind to”, wrong but your mind is the first thing that needs to change. Paul says that we should not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

First step – Conformed (Made to resemble, reduced to a likeness of, made agreeable to)

The world wants to control your mind or thinking!

[1Jn.2:15-17] Love not the world

[James 4:4] Enemy of God

[Jn.15:19] the world hates you

[Rom.8:29] God wants to conform you to the image of his son

[2 Cor.6:17] Be ye separate, you are a pilgrim or stranger [Heb.11:13] [1 Pet.2:11]

Your hope in not conforming to this world is in the renewing of your mind.

Second Step – Transformed (Changed in form or external appearance)

If you are transformed, something external should appear, fruit!

[Eph.4:22-23] Because of your corrupt old man

[Col.3:10] Put on the new man which is renewed

[2Cor.4:16] Inward man/ day by day

[Ps.37:23] steps ordered by the Lord, [Prov.3:5-6]

Not a one step process but a step by step process

When you take the step to renew your mind you open up the method for God to direct you.

Final Step –  Preformed – The proof  (three wills of God)

Good – [Luke 17:10] Minimum, no rewards, only what was your duty to do

Acceptable – [1Tim.2:1-4] [1Pet.2:20] good and acceptable, live right and do some of what God says to do. Do what is convenient, done on your terms, Judges 13, Samson.

Perfect – Find out what God wants and do it.

Noah – [Gen.6:11-14] do it, [Gen.6:22] did it

[Gen.7:1] Get in, [Gen.7:5] Did it.

Renew your mind and be transformed!