The Priests, Ex 28:41

The Priests Ex 28:41 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the Aaronic priesthood, the priests had to be anointed, consecrated, and sanctified [Ex 28:41].  The saints of God are priests in the New Testament [1 Pet 2:5, 9].  Likewise, we must be anointed, consecrated and sanctified.  So, today, we are going to study what anointed, consecrated and sanctified mean and how they apply to us as priests.

Anointed – the priests were anointed with oil [Ex 29:7; Ex 30:25, 30].  The oil was poured on Aaron’s head, ran down his beard and went down to the skirts of his garments [Ps 133:2].  Oil typifies the Holy Spirit [1 Sam 16:13].  For us to function in the office of a priest we must be anointed by the Spirit of God.  The office is a spiritual office and the sacrifices we offer are spiritual sacrifices [Heb 13:15].  Therefore, as the oil was used to anoint the priests, so the Spirit of God anoints us.  Notice that the Spirit anointed Jesus to preach [Lk 4:18].  Likewise, as priests of the Lord, we are in the ministry of reconciliation [2 Cor 5:18-20], that through preaching others may receive Christ and be saved [Rom 10:14-15].  Are you offering your spiritual sacrifices and preaching the gospel?  That’s what you have been anointed to do.  And if you are doing the office of a priest without being saved, you are not anointed and are, therefore, not the priest of the Lord.

Consecrated – the priests were consecrated with the shed blood of a ram [Ex 29:22].  We have been consecrated by the shed blood of Jesus Christ [Heb 9:14].  To be consecrated is to be devoted.  That is, before his consecration, Aaron was just another Levite, the brother of Moses.  After he was consecrated, he was the high priest.  And he was devoted to that office.  That’s what he did.  He didn’t get involved in building the tabernacle or making any of the articles for the tabernacle.  He was devoted to the priesthood.  Likewise, when we are consecrated by the Lord to be priests, that is our vocation [Eph 4:1].  We are priests.  Are you consecrated to the priesthood or are devoted to something else, like your job?  Can others tell that you are consecrated to the Lord as his priest?

Sanctified – the priests had to be sanctified.  That is, they had to be holy [Ex 29:1].  They could defile themselves [Lev 21:1; Neh 13:29].  Likewise, we can be defiled [1 Cor 3:17].  Therefore, the Lord says, “Be ye holy; for I am holy,” [1 Pet 1:15-16].  We are to present ourselves to the Lord as a living sacrifice which is holy [Rom 12:1-2].  That is, we must be separated from the things that defile our priesthood.  Those are worldly and unholy things [2 Cor 6:14-18].  They defiled Eli’s sons.  We must separate from them.  Are you holy?  Or have you defiled your priesthood?

Conclusion: we have been given a high calling as priests with great responsibilities.  We have a great privilege to minister before the Lord as his priests.  But you must be anointed, consecrated and sanctified to do what he has called you to do.  If you are not saved, you are not anointed.  If you are saved but not devoted to your work as a priest, you are not consecrated.  If you are devoted to the Lord and his work but you are not sanctified, then your work will not be acceptable to him.